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Stewart's CMF Trades (UK)

kinobestew123kinobestew123 Member Posts: 10
edited January 2013 in Marketplace
Hi everyone

I've only just started collecting CMFs and I have available some trades. I bought 20 packs of series 6 today from B&M Bargains and i've been picking up the odd pack of series 8 from Tesco. I think i've been very unlucky and i've ended up with a lot of duplicates.

I have for trade:

4 x Leprechaun (S6)
1 x Classic Alien (S6)
5 x Bandit (S6)
2 x Minotaur (S6)
2 x Intergalactic Girl (S6)
1 x Vampire Bat (S8)

I would like:

Pretty much any CMF, not got many so far. Ideally i'd like earlier seasons first so offer me your earliest trades although i'll accept any I don't have.

I'm only really up for trading in the UK unless somebody has a few to make it worthwhile.

Let me know what you've got!



  • indigoboxindigobox Member Posts: 470
    Hi Stewart,

    As you become more into Lego mini figures you will get used to stand inside the shop feeling your way through their bags.

    In B&M in Southport they had Series 3. What made that a little easier was dot codes at the bottom of the bags however they don't seem to be as accurate (unless I am wrong) in later series.

    Feeling is definitely the way I have gotten most of series 8 and 9 after spending copius amounts on series 5 / 6 and 7.

    If you fire me over a list of what you have I may be able to fulfil a large chunk of them for you :)
  • kinobestew123kinobestew123 Member Posts: 10
    Thanks for the information, yeah I tried the dot method in tesco on series 8 about a week ago using an app on my phone. It's so difficult to see the dots though and I kept seeing other little dimples in the bag bottom that I confused for dots. I basically ended up getting every one that I guessed wrong I think. Even at home when I opened the packet and rechecked the dots I couldn't really agree it to the app.

    I did have a go at feeling the bags at tesco too and managed to figure out a couple. At B&M though I had my gf with me and we were in a bit of a rush so I just had to blindly pick a load. Bad move.

    As for the ones I have, here they are:

    Leprechaun (S6)
    Classic Alien (S6)
    Bandit (S6)
    Minotaur (S6)
    Mechanic (S6)
    Intergalactic Girl (S6)
    Bride (S7)
    Hippie (S7)
    Pirate Captain (S8)
    Evil robot (S8)
    Alien Villainess (S8)
    Diver (S8)
    Vampire Bat (S8)
    Judo Fighter (GB)

    I might also have the following if a trade goes through:

    Artist (S4)
    The Monster (S4)

  • kinobestew123kinobestew123 Member Posts: 10
    Updated trade list:

    3 x Leprechaun (S6)
    1 x Classic Alien (S6)
    5 x Bandit (S6)
    2 x Minotaur (S6)
    2 x Intergalactic Girl (S6)
  • kinobestew123kinobestew123 Member Posts: 10
    Just bumping this in case anybody is interested. The above are still available.
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