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Setting up a 2nd separate 'My Sets' list?

StuBoyStuBoy New ZealandMember Posts: 623
edited June 2011 in
I've recently started buying a lot of City LEGO for my young son, is there a way to create a separate 'My Sets' list in my Brickset account for his sets, or will I have to set up a separate account on his behalf? (Hope I'm posting this in the right category)


  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,292
    There's currently no explicit mechanism to manage more than one list. I suppose you could use the Advanced Collection Manager and just designate them in the notes section, but it wouldn't really be manageable to the extent that I think you want. Creating a second account seems like the best option, and if you go that route, please be mindful to either maintain the list for him or supervise his usage.
  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 7,017
    Spot on rocao, either create a new account ot use the notes/ACM in some way.
  • StuBoyStuBoy New ZealandMember Posts: 623
    Thanks Rocao, I thought that might be the case. I'll definitely manage it for him, he's only 1.5 years old, but was right into my LEGO so I bought a few sets for him to destroy (supervised, of course!).
  • emilewskiemilewski CT, USAMember Posts: 477
    I love brickset. I love the community and I love the database. If there was a single thing I would change though, it would be the current limitation of having only one "My Sets" list. I found the above topic and yes, creating another account would accomplish this. I just wanted to ask though if there would ever in the future be the option implemented to create multiple lists (within the same account)? Or is that beyond the scope of the database and interface structure?
  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    ^ Agreed. It would be very handy to have that option. I know making more accounts is an option, but I'm lazy and logging in and out isn't fun! Would be good to have a list of sets I'm willing to trade, ones for my hubby etc...

    Hopefully at some point in the future :)
  • MrBerreMrBerre Member Posts: 246
    "I'm lazy and logging in and out isn't fun!"

    Why not use a separate browser -- e.g. if you always use Firefox, use Chrome to maintain another log-in and list? Also, in Firefox you can set up multiple personalities, which you then can select at start-up. Just create a second one for the other login.

    But multiple lists would be nice, yes.
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,292
    As Brickset has increasingly become a community and many of its users have forged identities (in no small part to the forum), I think owning multiple accounts is less desirable.

    I would venture that Huw didn't originally anticipate the desire for multiple collections would be as strong as it appears to be presently.

    @Huw: I don't have intimate knowledge of the database schema, but it would seem that modifying accounts to support multiple lists (new db table holding user id, multiple unique collection ids, and display names?) wouldn't be too much work, and rather, most of the work would be coming up with a nice way of presenting the multiple lists at the page. Thoughts?

    As with most things, I imagine it's not a matter of if Huw can do it, but where on his priority list it falls.
  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 7,017
    Yes, it's usually a case of working out how to do it neatly in the UI as opposed to database issues, which are fairly easy to implement. I wouldn't want, for example, to have multiple 'I want' columns.

    I guess I should think about the priority list and post it here. I don't tend to do much development work over the summer as I'd rather be out on my bike or something, but come the autumn I'll get back onto it.
  • atkinsaratkinsar Member Posts: 4,272
    edited August 2011
    It would play merry hell with the owned/wanted set stats I would imagine. People could start to use multiple my sets in a similar way to bricklists and it would become difficult to determine set counts, values etc because people could duplicate sets in their lists when actually they only own 1 copy. I don't think it's as simple as it first sounds.
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,292
    ^ Your point is taken as it would certainly make it *easier* to skew global ownership information if the data is improperly duplicated, but it should be noted that there's nothing stopping users from creating multiple accounts and doing the same thing currently, so it's a present-day issue.

    In the interest of not skewing the data, we could put a disclaimer imploring its proper usage and not "double-counting" were multiple inventories allowed.

    I do see usefulness in multiple inventories:
    1) Parents managing their lists separate from minors, as mentioned
    2) Personal collections separated from inventories that will be sold
    3) Managing sets I *know* I own vs sets I *believe* I own (and hope to someday verify)

    The last one may sound odd to the people with smaller collections or at least the more fastidious among us, but my inventorying habits weren't always great when my collection wasn't so unwieldy and back when the tools available were inferior, and I have a feeling I'm not alone on this.
  • vynsanevynsane Member Posts: 179
    "I'm lazy and logging in and out isn't fun!"

    Why not use a separate browser -- e.g. if you always use Firefox, use Chrome to maintain another log-in and list?
    You don't even need to use two different browsers or set up different profiles - the cookies used to maintain your login are set up so that sub-domains aren't privy to the cookie information. You can set up one login/account at and another at in whichever browser you like to use.
  • emilewskiemilewski CT, USAMember Posts: 477
    Here is one way that it could be approached: Keep the current single "Sets you own" and "Sets you want" per user. For the "Sets you own", add a field for "List" and allow the user to define lists. If no lists are created or whenever a new set is added it goes into "default".

    Basically, just allow the user to filter on the My Sets screen. List all sets by default or filter it for "to sell", "daughter's sets", "star wars", etc. That way, the interface and functionality does not change much. There is still only one list per se, so no issue with the same set in multiple lists for calculation purposes (that limitation will still exist so another account is needed to do that).

    Just one idea for an approach. The alternative is separate discreet sets, but I thought that might be more complicated programatically.
  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 7,017
    That's not a bad idea, thanks...
  • VeynomVeynom Member Posts: 1
    Hi Huw,
    Sorry to play the necro and undig such old thread but did you progress on this? I would like to manage the collections of my entire family (son, daughter, wife and mine). The system proposed by emilewski would be enough and as former developer, I can say it sounds nice.
    Kind regards,
  • atkinsaratkinsar Member Posts: 4,272
    I've only just seen that idea by @emilewski, that's sounds like a neat solution that I'd certainly find useful.
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