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For Trade: CMF 3 + more for CMF 9 trade

baronbaron Member Posts: 106
edited January 2013 in Marketplace

With series 9 appearing I would like to start my collection off, and I have a few Series 3 to offer one a one-one basis:

They are all out of their original packaging but were immediately placed in separate ziploc bags, include stand, accessory and pamphlet. They have never been assembled.

Am located in US but willing to trade worldwide if it is worth it.

Series 3:

-Racecar driver
-Alien (green one)
-Tribal Chief

I also have a sealed in bag Series 5 Eskimo and two sealed Series 6 Highlanders and sealed series 7 Galaxy Patrol and Ocean King.

Also have 30250 Ewar Acro Figher, Mirkwood Elf Guard.

Looking for:

-Mr good and evil
-chicken suit
-roller derby


  • baronbaron Member Posts: 106
    apologies for putting in wrong section. Mods please delete or move to Marketplace.
  • charlieboycharlieboy Member Posts: 29
    How many figs would you want in exchange for the Mirkwood Elf polybag? I only have the Waiter left from your wants list but I can pick up any of the others.
  • baronbaron Member Posts: 106
    Also have 75001 Old Republic battlepack available for trade. sealed and brand new.
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