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Jack's everything must go sale (UK)

insanityrocksinsanityrocks Member Posts: 77
after coming out my dark ages a few years ago and going a bit crazy ive done a bit of an inventory of previous Polybags, Minifigs and sets that i have accrued over the last few years.

Unfortunately i dont have a job at the moment and have a couple of things that i really need to buy so i'm doing an everything must go sale. No reasonable offer will be refused and i'm sure i have a little bit of something for everyone. Prefer to sell within the UK and unless otherwise stated the minifigs are out of packet loose but come with all the correct accessories and all the sets are MISB and have paypal so payment can be done through that if requested

Minifigs for sale
2x Cyclops (S9)
knight (S9)
evil robot (S8)
dj kid (S8)
pretzel guy (S8)
quaterback (S8)
evil kenivil (S7)
minotaur (S6)
3x mechanic (S6)
sleppyhead (S6)
grey alien (S6)
highland warrior (S6)
leprichaun (S6)
Boxer (S5)
3x Alien (S3)
2x Fisherman (S3)
2x Female tennis player (S3)
2x Sumo (S3)
Female snowboarder (S3)
Rapper (S3)
Baseball player (S3)
2x Samurai (S3)
3x F1 driver (S3)

Also for sale
From 7930-1
Sugi and aurra sing

Polybags for sale

1x #30110 - Harry potter trolley
1x #30017 - Police Boat
1x #30163 - Marvel Thor and the Cosmic cube
1x #30165 - Marvel Hawkeye with equipment
1x #30152 - Mining Quad
1x #30085 - Ninjago Jumping Snakes
1x #30010 - Fire Chief
1x #30053 - Star Wars Republic Attack Cruiser
1x #30200 - Zombie chauffeur coffin car
1x #30110 - Harry potter Trolley
1x #30210 - Frodo with cooking corner
5x #30082 - Ninjago Ninja Training
9x #30162 - Marvel Quinjet
6x #30121 - Cars Grem
2x #30141 - Alien conquest Jetpack
3x #30024 - Creator Truck
2x #30161 - Batmobile
2x #30160 - Batman Jetski
2x #30211 - Uruk-Hai with ballista

2 x #5865 - Creator Mini Dumper
1x #3365 - City / Space Moon Buggy
1 x #7235 - City Police Motorcycle
2 x #3177 - City Small Car
4 x #7305 - Pharaoh's Quest, Scarab Attack
1 x #2235 - Hero Factory Fire lord

I have a relatively small wanted list for minifigs and would consider trades for certain items for these minifigs

Gorilla Guy (S3)
Footballer (S4)
Statue of liberty (S6)
Businessman (S8)
Waiter (S9)
Roman Emperor (S9)
Roller derby girl (S9)
Fortune teller (S9)
Starlet (S9)
Cop (S9)
Judge (S9)
Forest maiden (S9)

any questions or offers either message me or ask on this thread and ill be sure to get back to you



  • mressinmressin Lego City... erm LondonMember Posts: 843
    My apologies if you wrote it in here and I don't see it, but is this all sealed?
  • insanityrocksinsanityrocks Member Posts: 77
    all CMF's are loose but contain all parts and all sets are MISB
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