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What is the difference between a "mini-figure" and a "character"

I got a lego catalog in the mail the other day showing all the new sets on sale on In a lot of the descriptions they say for example the Ninja Turtles Baxters Robot Rampage it includes 4 minifigures and 1 character and kraang lab escape includes 2 mini-figures and 1 character.

whats the difference?


  • kempo81kempo81 Member Posts: 961
    edited January 2013
    it's because there are 4 "official" minifigs, and one "non-official" minifig. mouser ( ) is a brick built minifig, and LEGO do not classify them as a minifig. same with the Kraang lab escape, mikey and the foot soldier are classified as a minifig (i.e legs, torso, head - albeit the turtles heads are technically called a "modified" head, but let's not go there...), whereas Kraang is not a standard minifig and is classified by LEGO as a character.

    hope that makes sense and helps answer your question?
  • super_curry_maxsuper_curry_max Member Posts: 75
    Ok I see in the other turtle sets with fishface and dogpound they would be the "characters" in the description? those are mini-figures though right? and if not why in the star wars descriptions are larger figures like rancor or other beasts not called characters but named?
  • kempo81kempo81 Member Posts: 961
    edited January 2013
    correct, they would also be classed as a "character". it would be fair to say there is a level of inconsistency with LEGO and their classification of what is and what isn't a minifigure! it's mainly come about since the introduction of licensed themes and the creation of characters from those movies/tv shows/etc. with reference to your example of the rancor i would simply say that is just the wording being slightly different on the description. the rancor and fishface are characters, luke skywalker or raphael are minifigs. the description for the mines of moria is different again and references the minifigs, and then the troll totally seperately. i would still say the troll is a character....
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