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Hello there

Hi all! Big LEGO collector back in the day, just getting back into the swing of things. Love all the big SAGAs, SW, Lotr, HP etc. (Quell surprise)

Anywhere to get the lowdown on display cases for LEGO sets or some discount codes?


  • 560Heliport560Heliport Twin Cities, MN, USAMember Posts: 3,381
    Welcome, @tk421atyourpost! Love your name!
  • The_RancorThe_Rancor Dorset, UKMember Posts: 2,456
    Hello there
    General Kenobi, you are a bold one!


    I’ve been waiting to say that to a new person on the forum for a while - so welcome ;)

    I find that Wicked Bricks do some excellent quality display solutions at ok prices - sometimes slower shipping but the quality compared to some rivals makes up for it.

    If by discount codes you mean just for buying Lego in general, keep an eye on the Shopping UK threads in the forum as people regularly post deals there and they often don’t require discount codes at all. Lego themselves usually focus more on Gifts with Purchase (GWPs) than explicit discounts, unless something’s really hard to shift and been around for a long time.
  • tk421atyourposttk421atyourpost ukMember Posts: 18
    Cheers, I have recently got an idisplayit one which is looking nice on my work desk for my Luke lightsaber. Cool background too...

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