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Pharaoh's Quest Battle Pack sold out on LEGO [email protected]

ThisIsMyCupThisIsMyCup Member Posts: 156
edited June 2011 in Shopping USA/Canada
The Pharaoh's Quest Battle Pack is listed as sold out on [email protected] for the US. sorry if this has been mentioned before. i really hope Lego continues this theme or expand it a la Adventures.


  • AETerryAETerry Member Posts: 48
    Glad I got one for myself then. Hopefully if the theme does well enough, we'll see another run of sets for 2012 and maybe, maybe a Battle Pack with the Anubis Warriors. Those guys look very cool.
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,288
    edited June 2011
    There was still a full peg hook of Skeleton Mummy Battle Packs at my local LEGO store today. I think this definitely confirms that I'm a set collector and not a minifig collector as I didn't pick one up even with the knowledge they are sold out online, despite thinking the included minifigs were pretty neat when I bought each proper PQ set.
  • ThisIsMyCupThisIsMyCup Member Posts: 156
    ...yeah, i wasnt that impressed with the battle pack. only got it because i had $10 in VIP points to spend and it was in the lull between winter and summer sets coming out.
  • YellowcastleYellowcastle Member Posts: 4,401
    While I normally love the battlepacks, this one seemed kind of meh to me and at least one or two figs short.
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