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Series 3 minifigs for trade

allyburnsallyburns Member Posts: 62
edited June 2011 in Marketplace
I know there was a thread about this before, I guess it got hard to manage. Ideally I'd develop a web app to allow easier trading, but for now, here is my have to trade / need list:

Have to trade

Baseball Player x1
Racing Driver x1
Indian x2
Blacktron Space Pirate x1
Gorilla x1
Mummy x1
Alien x1


Sumo Wrestler
Old Pilot

Maybe it's easier just to PM me to keep the thread easier to manage?

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  • KelphazardKelphazard Member Posts: 101
    FOR TRADE, all are unopened unless stated otherwise

    Robin Hoodx2
    Circus Clownx1 (opened, minus trumpet)
    Demo Dummyx4
    4191 Captain's Cabin (only figures, opened)
    6209 Slave I Complete (opened)

    LOOKING FOR, in order of yearning

    8683 Zombie
    8684 Minifigures Series 2, I need all of them
    30141 {Jet-pack}
    5981 Raid VPR
    8864 Desert of Destruction
    8896 Snake Canyon
    8898 Wreckage Road
    20013 Neptune Microsub
    30031 World Race Powerboat
    30032 World Race Buggy
    5868 Ferocious Creatures
    6751 Fiery Legend
    4958 Monster Dino
    4416 Robo Pod
  • allyburnsallyburns Member Posts: 62
    Hi, I've now made the spreadsheet I was talking to some people about - plase see

    Kelphazard, be great to get you to trial the spreadsheet!
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