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Wanted: Some new sets, Ninjago, POTC & Star Wars

makimomakimo Member Posts: 3
edited December 2012 in Marketplace
Good day all,

Looking to try my luck since it's such a wonderful and supportive community here. I am seeking a few sets that is EOL'ed and hard to find now. My list of wanted sets (new, unopened) are (and my budget) (box doesn't have to be mint):

#4184-1: The Black Pearl (need 3 sets @ $110 each)
#8038-1: The Battle of Endor (need 1 set @ $110)
#2521-1: Lightning Dragon Battle (need 3 sets @ $100 each?)
#2507-1: Fire Temple (need 3 sets @ $105 each)
#2260-1: Ice Dragon Attack (need 3 sets @ $65 each)

I know that my budget might be a bit too low, but if you're willing to sell them to me, you have my eternal gratitude :)

Cheers and Happy Holidays to all!

P.S. Everything will be by the book and I'm located in Malaysia.


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.