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Selling Off a large LEGO Star Wars Collection.

kyphurkyphur Member Posts: 2
edited June 2011 in Marketplace
This is real.
Flickr Photo Set showing a lot of the collection[email protected]/sets/72157626543374318/with/5639130939

I've decided to change LEGO Themes and will be looking to sell off my entire LEGO Star Wars Collection.

Below I will list the sets available (my collection is nearly complete), as they are sold or bartered away I will remove them from the list. I do have multiples of some of the sets

I am now collecting Trains. If you have any of the following I would be willing to trade for the following (listed from highest priority to lowest):

10025 Santa Fe Cars Set I
10022 Santa Fe Cars Set II
7994 LEGO City Harbor
Power Functions compatible Train Sets (any regardless of being listed here or not)
7895 Switching Tracks
Power Functions Remote, Receiver, Train Motor or Lights
Train specific parts such as wheels, boogies, couplers etc.
Straight Track
Baseplates, Road ways or plain green.
Other Train Themed Sets such as Train Stations.

Low Priority (I have already secured the desired amount but not against getting a few extra)
10020 Santa Fe Super Chief
10133 BNSF
10183 Hobby Train
7898 Cargo Train Deluxe
4558 Metroliner
10027 Train Engine Shed
10219 Maersk Train
10194 Emerald Night
7996 Train Rail Crossing for RC Trains

I am looking to get the BrickLink average used set value for these, buyer pays actual shipping cost. In the case of trades, we would split the cost of shipping. For example if my shipping cost to you is $40 and your shipping cost to me is $20 then you would owe me $10 towards shipping.

All shipping within the US requires Delivery Confirmation, unfortunately that option isn't available for international unless you want to pay more for UPS, FedEx or DHL. In the case of Int'l USPS I will e-mail proof of shipping (a copy of the receipt for the postage). Buyer chooses the shipping method.

Note: LULS Figures are included in sets that they were originally issued with. I don't prefer to sell MiniFigs separate from their sets unless the set has already been sold without the MiniFigs.

If you want a set without the MiniFigs, ask I'm willing to do that as MiniFigs are easier to sell than sets missing the MiniFigs are.

Condition of all sets is: Open, Complete, No Box, Has been assembled & displayed in an AFOL's collection (non-smoker, no pets, never in direct sunlight). Most have sticker sets not applied (a few have the stickers applied) and all except the Darth Maul Bust include the original instruction manual.

The following link is to BrickLink Store which lists everything still available and my asking prices, BrickSet Members see below for how to buy from me DO NOT USE BrickLink's Ordering System. The link is simply for access to my updated inventory & prices (as a reference). All Serious offers considered, PM me with offers. All offers will be considered in the order they are received.

Kyphur's LEGO Star Wars Inventory & Prices on BrickLink:

For BrickSet Members PM me here with the sets you want, as soon as we have an agreed upon deal I will remove the item(s) from my BrickLink inventory. If a BrickLink member purchased an item before we've agreed on terms then they will get it. BrickSet Members will get my items for 3% off the current asking price (as there will be no BrickLink Fees)

I will offer the following volume discounts for those who purchase 3 or more sets in a single order:

3 Sets = 5%, 5 Sets = 10%, 8 Sets = 15%, 11 Sets = 20%

My goal is (and has been from the start) to get these sets that I love & cherish into the hands of other collectors at a fair price. I have intentionally priced most of my sets to be the lowest priced COMPLETE set of it's kind on BrickLink.


  • bkprbkpr Member Posts: 295
    PMed. Cheers.
  • kroozinkroozin Member Posts: 1
    PM Sent
  • kyphurkyphur Member Posts: 2
    Volume Discounts changed effective this post:

    3 Sets = 5%, 5 Sets = 7%, 8 Sets = 10%, 11 Sets = 13%

    Sorry but the PayPal Fees have taken a larger hit that I was expecting.
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