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Kyle Johnson's Needs (Location US w/ World Wide Shipping)

kylejohnson11kylejohnson11 Member Posts: 508
edited December 2012 in Marketplace
Hello Everyone,

I am working to get a few different minifigure and minifigure pieces. Please see the listing below:

-image or Lord Garmadon - 4 Arms (6x)
- #8803-16 Series 3 Baseball Players (Multiples)
- #8827-10 1x Series 6 Roman
- #8833-8 1x Series 8 Business Man
- Series 10 Baseball Players (Multiples)
- #30100 Beach
- #30101 Skateboarder
- #30102 Desk
- #30103 Car
- #30104 Mailbox
- image (Multiples)

*All CMF's are open w/ all accessories unless marked sealed
Series 1
- #8683-5 Zombie Sealed (Will take lots to get him)
- #8683-2 Cheerleader
- #8683-12 Ninja

Series 2
-3x Mariachi (Sealed)
-Spartan (Will take lots to get him)
-Weightlifter (Sealed)
-Witch (Sealed)

Series 3
-Samurai Warrior

Series 4

Series 5
- #8805-2 4x Gladiator
-Fitness Instructor

Series 7
-2x Computer Programmer

Series 8
-Alien Villainess
-2x Cowgirl
-2x Diver
-3x DJ
-2x Skier
-Evil Robot
-Lederhosen Guy
-2x Pirate Captain
-Vampire Bat

Team GB
-Brawny Boxer
-Flexible Gymnast

-2x #4900 Fire Helicopter
- #30211 Uruk-hai with Ballista
- #30053 Republic Attack Cruiser
- #5012 Soccer Player with Goal Comes
- #30163 Thor and the Cosmic Cube

Thank you all very much for your time. Again, I am located in Wilsonville, Oregon, USA. I am willing to ship worldwide!

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