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A few MISB sets for sale. 2 Days only!

coolpixcoolpix Member Posts: 357
edited December 2012 in Marketplace
Dear forum friends/members, I am in need for some cash before Xmas so I decided to get rid of some of my MISB in my collection. These offers are good until tomorrow (Thursday, 20th) by 2 pm EST, and I'll ship the same day to the United States only. Buyer pays shipping and insurance. If anyone is interested, please PM me. I'll take VISA/MC/Discovery/AMEX credit card payments using Square (don't like and don't have PayPal). Here are the sets I have for sale:

Bigger Sets:
3677 City Red Cargo Train - $140
7641 City Corner - $100
10194 Emerald Night - $230
10210 Imperial Flagship - $350

Smaller Sets:
7235 City Police Motorcicle - $5
6239 Pirates Cannon Battle - $15
7195 Indiana Jones Ambush in Cairo - $15
7566 City Farmer - $5
7567 City Traveller - $5
7953 Kingdoms Court Jester - $4
7955 Kingdoms Wizard - $4
7949 Kingdoms Prison Carriage Rescue - $15
7950 Kingdoms Knights Showdown - $10
3300020 2011 Holiday Set 1 - $10
5864 Creator Mini Helicopter - $5
5865 Creator Mini Dumper - $5
5765 Creator Transport Truck - $15
5969 Space Police Squidman Scape - $15

5627 City Mini Dozer - $10
30015 City Jet Ski - $5
30031 World Racers Powerboat - $5
30032 World Racers Buggy - $5
30042 Atlantis Mini Sub - $5
30051 Star Wars Mini X-Wing - $5
8028 Star Wars Mini Tie Fighter - $5
30062 Kingdoms Target Practice - $5
30070 Toy Story Alien Space Ship - $5
3300000 Brick Apple - $35

Plus I have multiples of Minifigures Series 3 and 5, let me know if you're looking for any minifigures from these series. All sealed and classified using the "Touch" method.

Again, everything is in mint, sealed condition. All of these are from my personal collection, so I took very good care of the boxes. All bigger sets were bought at the LEGO Store.


  • coolpixcoolpix Member Posts: 357
    edited December 2012
    Forgot to mention, I'll take any offers into consideration, and may accept them, so don't be shy.

    Also, Square is not like PayPal where you need to setup an account (for those that don't know). It's a type of simplified credit card processing, so it's pretty much the same as buying online on an online store using your credit card. Thank you!
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