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HispaBrick Magazine 015 available

lluisgiblluisgib Barcelona (Spain)Member Posts: 222
edited December 2012 in Everything else LEGO

A little later than usual, but here we are again. This issue has had to wait for our annual event to finish, images of which you will find inside, but be assured that it has not affected the work we have put into HBM 015.

In this issue you will find several articles related with flying machines and their history, as well as tutorials on POV-Ray, MINDSTORMS and the MILS system.

We will tell you about our experience at events like the LEGO Fan Weekend 2012 or BrickCon 2012 and there are several reviews of sets and books.

We hope you will enjoy this issue and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Download: HBM015


  • lluisgiblluisgib Barcelona (Spain)Member Posts: 222
    Any feedback is welcome :)
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 18,212
    I liked the polybag article you did. Although you mention that the friends polys have been available "in newspaper promotions in Belgium and probably in the UK." I don't think they have been in a promo in the UK. I know I traded some of these with you (from the UK), although those were bought in the US rather than available in the UK.

    As to the rest of it, it is top class again. Decent reviews - although Helm's Deep and HH are probably a little late! I enjoyed the technic sections. The article about mosaics was pretty inspiring / heartwarming too. The planes are pretty cool too!
  • lluisgiblluisgib Barcelona (Spain)Member Posts: 222
    edited December 2012

    The problem was when I wrote the article, there was the preliminary list of the Sun promotion, and there was one Friends poly. That's why I wrote "probably" :)

    About the reviews, we know that we are usually a bit late talking about some sets, but we have to write the articles about 2 months before each issue is published, and the result is this delay,

    Thanks for the comment about the whole magazine. We put our best on each issue and thry to find good articles for you, guys


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