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Lego Super Star Destroyer 10221 €299 Pixmania Finland & others (plus postage).

Well I was searching TVs (as you do) and came across this. Looked further and you get a €5 discount. The total price is around €310 delivered .. but to Finland :(
I tried a few of the Pixmania sites and there was some stock. Also €304 in Ireland.

I am not into these BIG Star Wars sets but this at @ £248 seems a decent price.

Use the FIPIXH5 code to get it reduced to this price.


  • monkeyhangermonkeyhanger Member Posts: 3,170
    Nothing on the UK website. I'm pretty sure it'll be available for less than £250 somewhere to the UK buyer over the Xmas period (just waiting for it to dip to 290 Euros again on

    I probably shouldn't buy it anyway - just had my CC bill in....£3254 for last months spends! Xmas, car insurance, paying off the remainder of my council tax, booze stock up for xmas on my recent trip to Bruges and buying a big shed to facilitate the planned garage conversion next year all stack Lego on there at all!
  • paul_mertonpaul_merton Member Posts: 2,967
    The SSD was on the UK site last night, but it was a fair bit more than £250. I guess someone must have bought it, though, if it's not there now!
  • BrickbaseBrickbase Member Posts: 100
    Well you can see a lot of pricedrops for the SSD in Europe. Maybe in the course of coming year we could find it even cheaper. Somewhere inbetween €250 and €275 would be a nice price.
  • monkeyhangermonkeyhanger Member Posts: 3,170
    If I see one for same as or less than 290 Euros seen at in the "January sales" I think i'll get it.

    I was going to resist this one, it does seem a little bland, but after buying Jabbas Palace, Home one, 2 x Endor bunker set, bulking up my Hoth and Endor shelves with lots of battlepacks, Skiff, a few Ties/X-wings and a Y-wing as well as the UCS IS, UCS R2 and bricklinking the UCS MF, I think next year is going to be a bit of a dry spell for me as an OT SW fan, with just the A-wing, Rancor pit and Jabba's sail barge to look forward to (unless they announce some more OT UCS stuff). This can only come down in price. Will it happen straight after Xmas, or will we have to wait until May 4th? I seriously doubt I will get it for more than 25% off UK RRP (£350) via S@H, so will be relying on Amazon/Pixmania to get the discount I want.
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