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Lego City sets for Sale/Trade (US)

etemartinetemartin Member Posts: 32

I am fairly new to this site. I have a couple of references and have put together a couple of trades. my son has become interested in Star Wars Legos after starting out in City. He would like to move his City Legos and so would I. These are the first of them. He has some Airport legos, planes, a Cargo plane, a Fire Boat, Police boat, another Harbor and some additional sets that we are still putting together. Feel free to ask any questions.

IMPORTANT: These have been opened. My son and I put them together. He played with them. And now he wants to move on. He pulled them apart and put them in baggies. He is seven so I made sure that he was paying attention and making sure all the parts were there. If there is a noted missing part that I know of I have put it behind the description. These are ALL being sold AS IS. If you get a baggie and it was missing a part, I apologize, my son and I missed it in our communication about what was there. You can get in touch with us, identify the missing piece, and we will see if we can accomodate. We have thousands of pieces laying around getting ready to be put together or sold still.

If you are interested in trading, he would be interested in Star Wars Legos. Prices do NOT include shipping. Willing to listen to offers. No boxes, some are missing instructions.

Currently for sale/trade :

# 4644 - Marina - $35

#4645 - Harbour - $75

#3366 - Satellite Launch Pad - $15

#3365 - Space Moon Buggy - $5

#7208 - Fire Station - $75

#7286 - Prisoner Transport - $15

#7993 - Service Station - $60 (no instructions)

#7732 - Air Mail Plane - $15 (no instructions)

#7731 - Mail Van - $15

#7744 - Police Headquarters - $70 (missing four pieces - 1 grey wall panel, 1 black door frame, one small 1 double piece, 1 blue garage piece) - (no instructions)

#7631 - Dump Truck - $20 (no instructions)

#30110 - Harry Potter Trolley - $3

#30023 - Creator Lighthouse - $3


  • etemartinetemartin Member Posts: 32
    Also have a MIB 4204 for $80.

    Thanks for the replies. Nothing set in stone so feel free to chat.

  • skullboyskullboy Member Posts: 197
    I'm still interested in the Gas Station and the Dump Truck. We need to work something out. Looking for Jedi minifigs or anything?
  • etemartinetemartin Member Posts: 32
    Back up...still got a few inquiries goin but not solid...

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