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LEGO Shop at Home "Buy Now" buttons gone?

ToaOfJusticeToaOfJustice Member Posts: 4
edited May 2011 in
On individual set pages (example:, there used to be a "Buy Now" button under the large bold price text on the right side.

I examined the code of that set page, and the link is there, but the button is not visible. There is only a 1x1 pixel where the button used to be under the price.

This problem occurs in both IE9 and Google Chrome. Can someone please fix this? Thanks in advance.

-Toa Of Justice


  • bluemoosebluemoose Member Posts: 1,716
    Don't know if it's your specific problem, but the 'buy now' button is only visible if the set is currently available from your local LEGO on-line store ... it's there for me (UK, with FF4/IE9/Chrome).
  • EnbricEnbric Member Posts: 64
    It's there for me as well, USA and Chrome. If you go under Toa Of Justice as your site profile, you're also in the USA, so it should appear.

    I would suggest doing the basic clearing of cookies, the cache, etc. if you haven't done so already.
  • ToaOfJusticeToaOfJustice Member Posts: 4
    I cleared my cache in Chrome, and that brought the buttons back in that browser. Unfortunately, even when I cleared my cache and cookies in IE9, it still wouldn't show the button at first. Then I remembered Kaspersky's Anti-Banner, and when I added this site to its approved URL list, the button showed up in IE9 as well.

    Sorry for the trouble.

    -Toa Of Justice
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,288
    ^ No trouble, thanks for investigating and letting us know your solution as it may help others. Also, I presume since you cared enough to re-establish the buttons that you might be clicking-through, so we all thank you!
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