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Advent Calendar value(s)

Last year we purchased the Star Wars calendar and this year I went with the City Advent due to the mark up on the SW's one.

While I really enjoyed the SW advent last year I'm very pleased that we made the switch. I'm seeing A LOT more value in the city advent over the SW version. We've already built two great figs, two utility walls, a cute toy and a nice little tree. Maybe a little disappointment in the splitting up of the tree and the star but whatever... Better than a battle droid IMO. Seems as though the City calendar will go a long ways in populating our Winter Village set up as well as some added Fire Men for the Fire Brigade.

I realize there are liscensing fees to consider with the Star Wars advent but thus the higher price point right? (Prior to the permenant discount).

Our plan was to purchase the SW calendar sometime after christmas...But only if we find it at a deep discount. 65-75% maybe.


  • goshe7goshe7 Columbus, Ohio, USAMember Posts: 515
    I'm not sure if that will happen. Last year's MSRP was $39.99 on the Star Wars Calendar. Wal-Mart put them on clearance at $20 until they were gone and never dropped further. It took a month and a half, but they eventually all sold at that price. My TRU dropped to $30 and sat on them until June. Then the 10-20 they had suddenly disappeared. Not sure if they dropped the price more, someone scored on a sale, or if they were just routed to closeout stores.

    However, LEGO has had this year's Advent calendar at 50% off since Thanksgiving... If inventory holds out after Christmas, 75% might be feasible.
  • StyerStyer Huntington, WV, USAMember Posts: 73
    City edges Star Wars out for me because it's all minifigure scale while Star Wars is a mix of minifigure scale and micro. I like micro scale ships, but I like the fact that all of the City calendar "works together." Throw in the $10 price difference and City pulls a little farther ahead.

    That said, if I see a Star Wars Advent Calendar cheap after Christmas, I may go ahead and pick it up.
  • PicopiratePicopirate Member Posts: 315
    I really like the spares in the city set. Every minifig comes with a spare hat and spare tool. Spare accessories like that can turn generic minifigs into firemen or what not and give more play options to existing sets you may own.
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