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Need To Sell!!!!!

von3166von3166 Member Posts: 25
edited December 2012 in Marketplace
1704- Ice Planet Plow no instruc
1782 - Discovery Station need stickers only
4021- Police Patrol need stickers only
4031 - Fire Rescue need stickers only
4920- Rapid River no instruc
4970- Chrome Crusher complete
5918- Sam Grants Car no instruc
6088- Robber's Retreat complete
6125- Sea Sprint 9 complete
6135- Spy Shark complete
6175- Crystal Explorer Sub complete
6199- Hydro Crystalization Station complete
6266- Cannon Cove complete
6335- Indy Transport need stickers only
6336- Launch Response Unit need stickers only
6338- Hurricane Harbour complete
6351- Surf N' Sail Camper complete
6398- Central Precinct HQ need stickers only
6445- Emergency Evac complete
6451- River Response need stickers only
6453- Radar Car no instruc need stickers only
6462- Aerial Recovery complete
6537- Hydro Racer complete
6538- Rebel Roadster complete
6543- Sail N' Fly Marina need stickers only
6545- Search N' Rescue need stickers only
6546- Slick Racer complete
6552- Rocky River Retreat complete
6561- Hot Rod Club need sticker only for food sign
6573- Arctic Expedition complete
6582- Daredevil Flight Squad need stickers only
6593- Blaze Battler complete
6598- Metro PD Station need stickers only
6615- Eagle Stunt Flyer complete
6625- Speed Trackers complete
6665- River Runners complete
6879- Blizzard Baron complete
6915- Warp Wing-Fighter need stickers only
6975- Alien Avenger complete
7044- Rescue Chopper complete
7045- Hovercraft Hideout complete
7239- Fire Truck complete
7477- Typhoom vs T-Rex complete

i can post pics if you would like to see


  • samiam391samiam391 A log cabin in PA, United StatesMember Posts: 4,431
    You might sell a lot of these quicker if you list their condition, if they are complete, and where you are located. Prices are sometimes helpful too, although I prefer doing a best offer scenario. Best of luck!
  • Penkid11Penkid11 Member Posts: 788
    Also put a # directly before each number so we can click the links and assure that we are thinking of the sets you are speaking about.
  • von3166von3166 Member Posts: 25
    located in ohio
    what do you suggest i do for the condition no of none have there org boxes so they are in bags any suggestions would be helpful
  • von3166von3166 Member Posts: 25
    i'm thinking of breaking it up by complete and need stickers only and put pics with them would be a good way??
  • Penkid11Penkid11 Member Posts: 788
    I'd suggest pictures, yes. Also, complete would be nice, however.

    Also feel free to take time to edit your posts over before you post them. They are very Run-on-ie, and are full of unneeded abbreviations. They can get just a tad confusing. ;o)
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