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Glenbricker says hello!

Hello All,

My nom de plume is Glenbricker and I am new to Brickset and since Huw hasn't kicked me off yet it looks like I am a new editor with the specific category of "Cuusoo."

I got the gig by having my own blog about Cuusoo called Glenbricker's Review (cause I am not very creative with names). I started my blog to try to promote excellent projects, provide advice in order to improve the quality of Cuusoo projects, and to shamelessly promote my own projects.

Non-Lego Specific Bio

I am a shameless geek to the core. I am writing this while watching Thor (having started the day with Avengers followed by Captain America). I am trained as an Engineer and employed as a programmer. I play D&D every week and German Style family games when I can. When the time permits I play Tactical RPGs (like Disgaea). I flirt with DC but I make mine Marvel. One of the high points of my geeky life was riding in an elevator with Joss Whedon and Joe Quesada. I recommend "Ready Player One" to anyone who has not read it.

Lego Specific Bio:

In 2007 I saw the Aero Booster and that was the end of my Dark Ages. I started to build my Hammership (see below) and attempted figure customization. Around 2010 I joined TexLUG and have been an active member since Brick Fiesta 2011.

Build Specialties:

I like to think I excel at fictional-recreations (building models based on fictional subjects that others have “created”), dynamic builds (ones that include some form of motion), and to some extent minifig design (I design a lot more figs that I actually fabricate). I am also drawn to microbuilding.

I don't claim to be “great” at any of these. If the internet was not enough to keep me humble, well I got people like Fine Clonier and other masters in my own LUG. These are just the subjects of my builds more than anything else.

Notable MOCs:

Hammership: Fictional Recreation, Dynamic: Link

Corellian Defender: Fictional Recreation, Custom Figs, Playabilty enhancements

Rolling Landscape :Dynamic, Microbuilding (don't have any posted content for this one at this time)

Quidditch Orrery: Dynamic: Link and Video

Ogre (of Steve Jackson Games): Fictional Recreation, Microbuilding: Display Scale , Gaming Scale

Korra & Mecha Tank: Fictional Recreation, Custom Figs

Firefly figures and Vignettes: Fictional Recreation, Custom Figs

Star Control ships and figs (Colaboration with “Crashsanders”): Fictional Recreation, Custom Figs

I have been very encouraged by the response to my articles to date and hope to continue to bring you great projects in the future.




  • samiam391samiam391 A log cabin in PA, United StatesMember Posts: 4,441
    Welcome aboard Glenbricker!

    I've read your reviews on CUUSOO and they are always very well done and informative. You've actually written on one of my projects before.

    The very best as you continue your outstanding reviews here on Brickset!
  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 7,044
    Welcome Glen, it's a privelege to have you on board!
  • SilentModeSilentMode UKMember Posts: 586
    Sup G!
  • thelegoguy421thelegoguy421 Banned Posts: 64
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