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Minifigs for sale (UK Chesterfield)

beets665beets665 Member Posts: 106
hi there

i am selling most of my minifig collect due to space and aswell i could do with freeing up some cash with crimbo and other things going off if anyone wanted to pick them up to save on postage i am based in chesterfield uk i would like to sell them in 1 shot but i will sell single. I am open to offers on all of these as i could do with a quick sale so i am open to listin to all your offer

here what i have got:

Spider-Man 2 - Balaclava Face
Spider-Man 3 - Dark Blue Arms / Legs
Green Goblin 2 - decorated headgear
Dr. Octopus / Doc Ock, Sand Green Jacket,
Aunt May, Dark Tan Blouse, Dark Tan Legs, Light
Harry Osborn 1, Dark Blue Suit Torso, Dark Blue
Mary Jane 4 - Medium Blue Sweater
Peter Parker 3 - Sand Blue Vest, Black Legs
Batman - Black Suit with Yellow Belt and Crest
Captain America
Guard (6864)
Hulk (small)
Iron Man with Triangle on Chest
Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor - Battle Armor
Robin - Black Cape
The Joker - Lime Vest
The Joker's Henchman - Lime Jacket
Two-Face's Henchman x2
Two-Face, Orange and Purple Suit
Wonder Woman
Frodo Baggins - No Cape
Patrick - Super Hero
SpongeBob - Super Hero
Jabba The Hutt - Tan Face
Princess Leia Jabba Slave

and i do have 1 set for sale aswell which is

10144-1: Sandcrawler which has no box but does come with instrutions and minifigs but is missing a few bits like guns but i will put in 9490-1: Droid Escape and a custom chrome C3P0


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