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For Trade: Lot of Polybags

raparrapar Member Posts: 68

I have got various polybags available for trade. All sets are sealed. I have the following sets to trade:

4301 Blue LEGO Car
4899 Tractor
7222 Flyers
7223 Wheelers
7798 Stegosaurus
7799 Cargo Copter
7800 Off Road Racer
7801 Rally Racer
7802 Le Mans Racer
7804 Lizard
7805 Shark
8033 General Grievous' Starfighter
20016 Imperial Shuttle
20018 AT-AT Walker
30000 Medic's Car
30001 Fireman's Car
30002 Police Boat
30003 Road Roller
30014 Police Helicopter
30030 Rally Raider
30033 Truck
30034 Tow Truck
30035 Off-Road Racer 2
30054 AT-ST
30055 Droid Fighter
30056 Star Destroyer
30072 Woody's Camp Out
30086 Hidden Sword
30131 Jack Sparrow's Boat
30182 Santa
4659597 Friends Bracelets
5000202 Elrond
6005188 Darth Maul

I am looking for sets which I still do not have in my collection.
Please check out what I have (these sets are not for trade/sale):

I am in Poland, but will trade internationally.



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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.