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Maximizing Display Space

cozycozy Member Posts: 142
edited November 2012 in Everything else LEGO
I just finished my first lego build Queen Anne's Revenge & its just a lot bigger than i thought it will be i am a bit worried because i have quite a few sealed sets still to build and i am thinking "were the hell am i going to display them?".
how the hell do you guys cope? & what do you say to your other half when you run out of room?
i just think she will tear into me once she see's how many sets i really got.
scared please help,and good lying techniques warmly welcomed.


  • ludzikludzik US (SoCal)Member Posts: 430
    send it my way :) I will display it for you :) :)
  • gifinimgifinim UKMember Posts: 174
    I moved from a very full 1 bedroom flat to a three story house, and my collection expanded to fill that as well. Face it - you'll never have enough room!
  • BrikingBriking Dorset, UKMember Posts: 745
    Go Modular. Every other set is a brick-feast
  • Dread_PirateDread_Pirate Member Posts: 184
    I have Lego on 3 shelves of my desk (on the hutch) and I have a 32x48inch table with a raised top shelf that is 50x24. Then on top of my 90Gallon fish tank I have more models displayed. Oh and now I am creeping some sets over to a book shelf and on top of my entertainment center. I am looking for more places now to keep my stuff. I dont want to tear it appart, I want to display it but I am lacking room in my office area. I have a shed that would work but I want to see my models when I am chillin in the house... The shed is not a good place.

    OH and my son is asking for a larger area as he keeps his lego on a 24x48 shelf under my larger table. The table and my son's shelf all started out as HO scale train modules.
  • emilewskiemilewski CT, USAMember Posts: 475
    I have a basement office with shelves up that is rather full of displayed models. I have started to take over more of the basement where I am building a Modular city. Other than finishing the rest of the basement, I will have to put more shelves up I guess. I am not allowed to expand into the rest of the house. If your space is limited you will have to rotate your displays I would think.
  • lulwutlulwut Member Posts: 416
    Build, display, sell.
  • cozycozy Member Posts: 142
    it seems sacrilegious to think of dismantling my lego sets already but in time when new sets pop up i might just have to do that.
  • WallaceWallace Member Posts: 134
    The key is to turn your kids playroom into a Lego room, that's what I've just done. Thankfully everyone in our house loves Lego so it hasn't been a problem, oh and build a Lego wall for the kids to play with Duplo on.

    I haven't done that bit yet, will be doing that in the next couple of weeks.
  • mr_bennmr_benn United KingdomMember Posts: 831
    The first dismantling is always the hardest!

    Have to say I agree with @cozy though in that the ships do take up a lot of space, particularly vertical space which makes them a pain to display if you use shelves, but also horizontal space too - but at the same time they're all the more impressive for it!
  • ringleheimringleheim Member Posts: 168
    Funny you mention this, Cozy, as I finally ran into the "not enough space" problem recently.

    When I first came out of my dark ages, I kept buying and buying as there was lots available that I wanted. I ended up with a lot of sets and always figured "I'll find space for it somewhere." That plan worked for a while. Until there was no space left.

    Now I am going in the other direction...selectively dismantling the stuff that is not good enough to justify the display space it takes up and putting it back into the original box.

    I found that too much Lego is in fact a bad thing. If you crowd too much of it into a single room, in places where it doesn't really fit, you end up with a very cluttered, cheap, plasticky looking situation. Like the house that has been taken over by the chidren with toys everywhere.

    This has forced me to re-think my situation with Lego. I am now massively more selective in which kits I will buy going forward. If the set is not a slam dunk, wonderful piece of Lego creation, I am not going to buy it. I am also going to sell a lot of what I have once the stuff goes EOL and I can get my money back out of it...keeping only the most select items that I simply cannot part with.

    I do think that long term, the buy---display---sell plan is a good one. At first, I would never have considered selling my beloved Lego sets. But after a while a new set just becomes old, blends into the plastic mess already on display, and collects dust. You start to look at them differently with the passage of time. Or at least, I did.

    Only the truly magnificent will be retained forever. We all have a different idea of which sets those are, but you know them when you see them.

    I have decided I won't be buying the UCS B-Wing, as I can already see that ultimately, it will not have the staying power to justify the display space it requires. I just don't have that level of interest in that vehicle and I think it looks rather awkward when it is displayed, leaning over on that angle.

    A year ago I would have bought that set the day it was released. Now it won't be purchased at all as I can already envision the day I dismantle its dusty parts and put them back into bags.

  • atxleeatxlee Member Posts: 145
    ^ this is the same strategy that I am trying to adopt as I live in an apartment so I really do have limited space for display.
  • mathewmathew Member Posts: 2,096
    edited November 2012
    The problem that I've run into is that with two young boys (one being a toddler) and a kitten that displaying Lego sets is next to impossible. It also feels a bit ridiculous to restrict kids from playing with toys especially Lego.

    I'm seriously considering selling off the larger, collectable sets and focusing on micro building. They take up a lot less space and I can shelve them away from prying hands. I'll keep some of the other, less collectable sets for the kids when they are old enough.
  • cozycozy Member Posts: 142
    ringleheim ...... exactly what i think i will do apart from selling i am going for moc'cing. this addictive hobby is proper wallet bashing .
  • emilewskiemilewski CT, USAMember Posts: 475
    That is really great advice. I am not at the point where I can bear to dismantle sets and I have not yet run out of display room. It will happen though at some point. I am trying to be more selective in what I buy.
  • BuriedinBricksBuriedinBricks USAMember Posts: 1,366
    Ships can be a pain to display, but they are also some of the more impressive models available. I have been constantly juggling my space concerns when it comes to my collection. I recently added a ton of new shelves in my room to give me some more space, but I'm very fortunate to have a room in the house that's all my own for my various hobbies.
  • mathewmathew Member Posts: 2,096
    ^ Hey iccarus, your room looks a lot like mine (except with way more sets). Same paint color and drop ceiling tiles.
  • BuriedinBricksBuriedinBricks USAMember Posts: 1,366
    It's my basement "man cave" that I put in when I finished the basement a few years ago. It was supposed to just be a home theater/video game area, but then I came out of my dark ages. Took care of that empty wall space pretty darn fast.
  • plantmanplantman Member Posts: 97
    I see mathew has one of the problems I have - a cat. She can be like Godzilla running through my sets. I have one display with all of the LoTR sets and she insists on sleeping in front of Helms Deep and pulling the soldiers off the wall. As to cozy, the ships are the hardest to display for me along with the UCS Imperial shuttle and Death Star - their height limited where I could stick them. I also don't like putting sets away - just looking at all the sets displayed always cheers me up. Problem was I had 200+ sets set up. I ended up getting some black metal shelving from Target that has five shelves you can adjust the height on individually. I ended up using these as I can respace the shelves for whatever I want to display. They now line my basement entertainment room walls. Now if only I could find a way to control dust... man I hate dust...
  • AmberylAmberyl Member Posts: 193
    Some sets don't take up a lot of space given the number of pieces -- for instance, the modulars are incredibly dense. Also, sets that are vertical and dense can be packed in more tightly, as well as things that are basically square. So you might want to think about sets that maximize available space...
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