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Hello from Cheshire UK

adukaduk Member Posts: 155
Hi all
I have just returned to Lego after a long time in the wilderness probably close to 30years to be accurate. I have used my little boy as an excuse (4yrs) but my recent purchases have now gone way beyond this. With all the three for two deals around, euro amazon bargains and supermarket sales I have managed to acquire a lot of Lego in very short space of time. It all started with a small dinosaur set - perhaps not the most inspirational but it was quickly followed by city space shuttle and forest police station, a trip to legoland and several minifigs. That was three months ago and I now have a house slowly filling with monster fighters (for me), LOTR (me again) and many more city sets (mostly me but far easier to claim for him!). Brick count at about 12,000 and growing very very rapidly. My wife was quite keen to start with but it is turning obsessive - is this normal and should I just go with it!!
It would be great to hear from anyone at the same point in their return to lego and any reassuring comments would be useful. Also recommendations for next sets for a budding Lego enthusiast would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to decide wether to take the plunge into the exclusives - modular buildings etc. but I really cant use our little boy as an excuse for that one. Cheers and I look forward to hearing from you.


  • TyoSoloTyoSolo Member Posts: 539
    Hi aduk,

    Welcome to the forums. What you're experiencing is quite normal. I was the same over the spring and summer (I came out of my Dark Ages in March). I've curbed the spending quite a bit, as it soon gets to the point that it isn't sustainable, and I noticed my savings rapidly dwindling.

    My wife is quite accepting of the hobby, but is a lot happier now that I limit my spending to whatever is in my PayPal account. Now I tend to pick up a few sets on the 3 for 2 to part out and sell the Minifigs etc - this way my brick count increases, but the hobby is self sustaining and doesn't hit my pockets as hard.
  • HuwHuw Administrator Posts: 7,087
    Welcome to the forum, @aduk. I think for a lot of us young kids are the catalyst for coming out of dark ages. That was certainly the case for me, back in 1994 when my first daughter was 2.

    Of course you should never let your spending become uncontrolled and a problem, but if your wife questions your 'sustainable spending' remind her that you could be down the pub or bookies drinking or gambling it away, like 'normal' men :-)
  • adukaduk Member Posts: 155
    Hi Huw Tyosolo

    Thanks for the welcome Its not uncontrollable yet :-) although I couldn't resist the recent sopwith camel deal on it was just too good to miss! - I'll need to give the part out idea a try although no more new sets until I've built the camel.
  • NagutNagut Member Posts: 3
    Hello aduk,
    my son is soon to be six and just finished the Pet Shop all by himself, although concentration had to be kept alive by helping to sort the bricks from time to time. So already he is a very good excuse for the modulars :) Give your son another year and then go for the firebrigade for him ;)
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