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Why doesn't LEGO sell Polybag sets directly or even acknowledge their existence?

I'm sure this question has been asked and discussed before, so forgive me, I tried searching to find prior discussions.

I was at the lego store in downtown Chicago a month ago and I asked one of the employees about a polybag set and if they had any or if I could order directly from them. I showed him a picture of the set on my phone, gave him the set number and everything and he basically didn't believe that it was an actual sanctioned lego set.

I told him that these are usually only available as promotions, but some stores carry them. The real root of my question was how the general public was suppose to be aware of these outside of lego websites or seeing them in the store. I think it would be only fair for to post that these are going to be released and how a collector could get them.

I'm always worried about missing out on the release of a polybag or having to get one on the secondary market because I don't want to purchase a video game.


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