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Hi all,

Hello Everyone,

Just found the Brickset website tonight by chance and had to join the forum. I have not been interested in lego for a long time until recently when i got the Death Star for my birthday, ever since I have been hooked. I especialy love the Lord of the Rings sets which I have got most off.

Looking forward to joining your discussions and reading about any offers. Off to the Sheffield Lego store on Friday...


  • LostInTranslationLostInTranslation Member Posts: 5,572
    Welcome to the forum! Hope you like it here. There's plenty of fellow Lego fans up around Sheffield so maybe you'll bump into one of them on your trip to the store :-)

    The Death Star is a fab set, lucky you for getting it for your birthday!
    And LotR is cool too. I'm guessing maybe The Hobbit sets will be on your list to Father Christmas? :-)

    Oh, and you will deffo find more offers here than you can afford. You have been warned! ;-)
  • richoricho Member Posts: 3,830
    welcome indeed. @LostInTranslation is right, I suspect the site will help you grow your collection rather quicker than it might have if you hadn't discovered us. :-)
  • kempo81kempo81 Member Posts: 961
    Welcome to the forum!
  • TyoSoloTyoSolo Member Posts: 539
    Welcome along. If you can hold off on the Lego Store visit for 1 day, Me, @Bricksan, and a few others are arranging a bit of a meet up.
  • bricksanbricksan Member Posts: 566
    Welcome, nice to have another Sheffielder on board :-)
  • woodstockwoodstock Member Posts: 31
    Welcome, come down on Saturday as well!!! and @bricksan your probably beatings us for known Leeds members now :p
  • bricksanbricksan Member Posts: 566
    Hahaha us Sheffielders are taking over
  • hurdle57hurdle57 Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for the welcome, sorry I can not make Saturday, glad there are so many Sheffielders.
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