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[email protected] Discounts Elsewhere

jack_bricksjack_bricks Member Posts: 78
edited November 2012 in Buying & Selling Topics
Hi, I live in Europe though on the mainland and therefor it seems that we never receive those nice special sets or discounts or any other super stuff like the U.S./UK does. How come and how do others deal with this is issue?

It's just annoying to pay now 30,- EUR (25 GBP or 40 USD) for the christmas set on the secondary market. I checked [email protected] constantly all weekend long to get a chance to get one of this set.


  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526

    How come and how do others deal with this is issue?

    Move to the UK. :-)
  • DiggydoesDiggydoes Member Posts: 1,079
    ^^how come you couldn't get the holiday set? In Germany it was available! But i know what you mean,we rarely see any specials like the "sun promo"in the UK or even some nice polys at TRU! It seems like the european market is rather small/uninteresting for TLG or even the AFOL-scene (even here on Brickset only UK and US [email protected] buttons are available)!
  • jack_bricksjack_bricks Member Posts: 78
    Hi Diggydoes, I looked at the [email protected] home on friday, saturday and sunday and there was only the free shipping option advertised and therefore available? :(
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    Things vary from country to country. Poland got CMF S8 a long time before most of Europe and the States. Some sellers in Poland also get access to large quantities of PAB (local distribution centre?). German sellers somehow get access to large quantities of parts not through sets - you only need to look at the stocks of some German bricklink sellers.

    Spain also has very good deals at Same with Italy. The UK rarely gets prices as good as they get. Obviously we can get those prices if (i) we know we can and (ii) we are willing to pay the shipping.
  • SupersympaSupersympa Member Posts: 534
    deals were available in Germany and France.
    but not Belgium, Netherlands etc etc...

    but do not worry @jack_bricks , you will be able to get that set again this week end, and this time for everybody
  • jack_bricksjack_bricks Member Posts: 78
    Hi Supersympa, is it going to be a regular set? I'm just curious if I should wait buying it now on BL.
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    ^ As I understand it, it will still be a special. Last week was a VIP offer, this week it will be for everyone.
  • jack_bricksjack_bricks Member Posts: 78
    Thx CCC
  • veletaveleta Member Posts: 7
    What a shame this weekend offers don´t apply in some European countries. I just call Lego costumers service to complain and they said that this decision it due to marketing reasons.

    Wait a minute!

    There are no physical Lego stores in Spain. So there is no way to get the Christmas set free gift.

    What kind of marketing reasons is that?

    I left my complain record on the phone, so anyone else in the same situation, please call and leave your complain, I think that this is the only way to change "Lego marketing reasons" for the next time.

    Lego free phone number 00800 5346 5555
  • BrickbaseBrickbase Member Posts: 100
    Just tried to order something from [email protected] in the Netherlands. I could order something, but they don't give away the special set/gift in the Netherlands. Filed a complaint against them. Lets see where it brings us.
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    Brickbase said:

    Filed a complaint against them. Lets see where it brings us.

    Against them? Who to?
  • BrickbaseBrickbase Member Posts: 100
    Oops sorry, I should explain it a little bit better. I have written a message with my complaint to the Lego customer service.
  • asmodaiasmodai Member Posts: 16
    To Portugal they don't even make the 10% discount. Only the offer of free shipping from 55€ upwards...
  • CCCCCC Member Posts: 20,526
    ^^ OK, I see. It does seem a bit odd that they don't do these across Europe. To make it even worse (for you) both my recent orders with the Christmas promo in were packed and shipped from ...... the Netherlands.
  • veletaveleta Member Posts: 7
    Thats it. I forgot to say neither the 10% . actually not even a special single offer because we already had that free shipping before this weekend.
    I also send my complaint by email.
    Lego is a company that cares a lot for the quality of its products. And I guess that also takes care of what their costumers think, therefore we have to let them know that we have a problem that is very easy for them to fix.
  • BrickbaseBrickbase Member Posts: 100
    Especially when I read these items ship from the Netherlands, that's just plain weird for me. But at least we got the 10% discount and free shipping.......oooooh wait. I will have it even cheaper when I would order it someplace else. I would just like to have this special.
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