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Santa Fe Lego trains

jordan572jordan572 Member Posts: 2
edited November 2012 in Marketplace
I was cleaning the crawl space out and found a collection of santa fe locomotives and train cars, I found two santa fe locomotives 10020. One is open but all the part bags are sealed, it has all the stickers and instructions the other locomotive is still in its sealed box. I also have two 10022 and two 10025 the 10022 is a dining style and the 10025 looks like a sleeper. Again one of the 10022 is open but all the parts are in original bags. The rest of the boxes are still sealed. Are these worth anything? If so how much? If you want them message me. Thank you.


  • jon_kjon_k UKMember Posts: 237
    edited November 2012
    hmm joined this morning and you have found some very rare sets in your crawl space.. I would want to see pictures please .. not being cynical or anything
  • jordan572jordan572 Member Posts: 2
    I can get more when I am home but if you want one now I have a picture I took of the locomotive for some one yesterday. Just send me your email.
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