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Hi from East Tn, USA!

I've been an AFOL for many years but not very active in the hobby. Recently I read Lego: A Love Story by Jonathan Bender and now I'm quite obsessed with LEGO! The book mentioned the Cafe Corner modular set. I searched online for it, and was shocked at the prices it currently goes for! That's actually how I found this forum, did a search for "Why is Cafe Corner so expensive?" Now I'm kicking myself for not getting that and other awesome sets when they were in production, especially since I was an AFOL that whole time! My local stores didn't carry such sets as far as I can recall, and I never went to [email protected] (Actually I did once, saw the Taj Mahal and was in awe, then saw how much it cost and promptly closed the tab!)

I grew up as an ex-pat in Saudi Arabia and played with a lot of Fabuland (later on learnt it was never sold in the States, such a pity!) I also remember having a Space set with a cool crater baseplate, and my favorite Christmas present was this train set. When I was a teenager I let my parents sell all my LEGO. Came out of the "Dark Ages" around '99 or 2000 when I took a trip back home and found the store where I got my LEGO from, and it still had all the Fabuland and other classic sets, just as it was in the early '80s (with extra dust)! Of course I picked up as many sets as I could, wish I could have gotten all of them!

My husband's an AFOL too, he's all about the Technic and Robotics, whereas I'm more into buildings, trains, and creatures.

Um, I guess that's about it. Sorry for the long post!


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.