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vynsane: not just a username, but a state of mind

vynsanevynsane Member Posts: 179
edited May 2011 in Introduce yourself
Hi, all. I'm vynsane. I was a huge LEGO fan as a kid. I started to get back into the scene when the LEGO Star Wars video games came out, and when I noticed the Star Wars and Indiana Jones sets, I was pulled back in.

It's a little over a year since I emerged from my 'dark ages', and I've amassed a respectable collection. I've built a few MOCs (not as many as I'd have liked to, but it's been a busy year - my house is my current on-going MOC it would seem) and even won second place in a Eurobricks contest promoting LEGO Digital Designer! I am most interested in building Sci-Fi related stuff, including speederbikes, starfighters, Homeworld-inspired designs, and capital ships (in both minifig and micro scales), though I've only had the opportunity to build a small fraction of the ideas I've had. I also want to build a minifig-scale 'tramp freighter' spaceship in the vein of the Millenium Falcon or Firefly Serenity.

You can see my stuff to date in my Flickr stream, or read my reviews and Bricklists I've posted here.


  • atkinsaratkinsar Member Posts: 4,272
    I also want to build a minifig-scale 'tramp freighter' spaceship in the vein of the Millenium Falcon or Firefly Serenity.
    That would be awesome, I love that show! It's the one idea I keep returning to when I think about getting into MOCs (well that and BSG). Your MOCs look great by the way.

  • vynsanevynsane Member Posts: 179
    Thanks, atkinsar. There's so much more in my head than there is on Flickr just yet. That said, I've just about finished designing a new starfighter in LDD and will be posting screenshots of it to Flickr soon - be on the lookout - or maybe I'll just post an update in here, too.

    I also forgot to mention, in addition to the MOC interests I listed above, I love flying cars - if I can't have them in real life (Back to the Future 2 totally LIED) at least I can create them in LEGO form ;)
  • atkinsaratkinsar Member Posts: 4,272
    Perhaps consider doing the flying car out of Bladerunner, I always thought that was pretty cool.
  • vynsanevynsane Member Posts: 179
    Finally got a chance to grab some screenshots and place them on cool backgrounds:

    Modular Starfighter, head-on

    The construction of this is modular, using technic bricks and pins to connect the various pieces, so the long nose could be swapped out for a shorter one, the canopy could be changed, etc. There will be a lot of variations on this theme to come.
  • atkinsaratkinsar Member Posts: 4,272
    Brilliant, I like it! Will you build it or just leave it in LDD?
  • vynsanevynsane Member Posts: 179
    Thanks! I may build some variation of this in 'real bricks', but until I have the time, space and money to do so (my house is currently my largest MOC to date - well, more a modification of an existing set than a MOC - we gutted the first floor in October, and are just now getting drywall hung after it took two months to get an electrical inspection), it will remain virtual.

    As for the Bladerunner Spinner, there are already a slew of them on Flickr. If I made another, I doubt I could bring anything inventive or original to the table, the stuff that's already out there is pretty amazing. I like to come up with my own designs mostly, anyway - that way you don't have to worry about adhering to the source material, because there is none!
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