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For Sale & Trade - 7964 Frigate(s), 9500 Sith Inteceptor, 7938 City Train(s) + more (UK West Mids)

Blu3fireBlu3fire Member Posts: 4
Hi All,

Not been around here long as an active member but have been collecting for nearly a year now, trying to get a nice sized City set-up for my little boy, who is only 3 now but is growing fast!

I am looking for a few trades, or would be willing to sell these sets also for a reasonable price to allow me to buy what I need still.

Ideally I would prefer to meet up and do direct swaps or sales, and as I live in the West Midlands I can get to most places or meet half way, weekends being best, or early evenings (18:00).

Most of my items are in good/as new condition with the exception of a few boxes, and non of the items are open. I would prefer any traded items be in as new or nearly new condition as these will in the long term be given as gifts.

Items for Trade and Sale:

2x 7964 - Republic Frigate - Both boxed as new.
1x 9500 - Sith Fury-class Interceptor - Boxed, in good conditon apart from a small puncture hole in the rear.
3x 7938 - Passenger Train - All 3 are boxed, however 2 of the 3 have severely crushed boxes due to mis-handling in transit (I assume), the third one is as new baring a few creases.
2x 4914 - Whitecap Bay - Both boxes as new, no damage.
1x 4644 - Marina - Boxed as new.

Items Wanted

7498 - Police Station
3182 - Airport
10219 - Maersk Train
7939 - Cargo Train
4204 - The Mine
7939 - Millennium Falcon (This one is for me :D)

I am willing to add some cash to a trade if needs be, e.g. in the case of the MF and Cargo Train, but like for like RRP swaps are prefered for the other, I am after some small sets too which could be used as fillers for price differences, let me know what you have (City only)

If you would like to buy something outright and have it posted I can offer photos of each item, and provide contact details on request so we can sort out the finer points.

Thanks for looking, and I look forward to hopefully doing business with some of you. :)


  • PhoneboothPhonebooth Member Posts: 1,430
    pm sent
  • Blu3fireBlu3fire Member Posts: 4
    Just wanted to add a photo to show I have it all, and the general conditon of the boxes. Only one not there is the marina as it's in a box, in a box, probably in another box! :P
  • Blu3fireBlu3fire Member Posts: 4
    This is still available, gonna eBay the lot if there are no takers.

  • dodianododiano Member Posts: 72
    I have the 3182 Airport will love to trade it with you PM sent
  • CalvCalv Member Posts: 904

    I have 7965 Millenium Falcon and a 4204 Mine and am up for a trade. Midlands based. PM sent
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