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What are you building right now?



  • bluedragonbluedragon United StatesMember Posts: 496
    ^Looking good! I still need another 1200 parts or so...
  • ecmo47ecmo47 North CarolinaMember Posts: 2,101
    My last order finally got shipped so I may be able to start the Neb in a week or so. I think I have the parts for a 2nd transport so may crank out another one in the mean time. Should be MUCH easier now that I have a physical reference. The LDD was a floating part nightmare!
  • tallblocktootallblocktoo CanadaMember Posts: 497
    I really love some of the creations JKBrickworks does!  
  • Brickfan50Brickfan50 Zwolle, NetherlandsMember Posts: 265
    I really love some of the creations JKBrickworks does!  
    Yeah, I also really want to do the Sisyphus Kinetic Sculpture but that's a very expensive one to build. Especially if you want to build the outer base.
  • brumeybrumey AustriaMember Posts: 1,002
    brickbuilt road 0.1 alpha brum edition

  • JooTogJooTog Southern CaliforniaMember Posts: 943
    Bought #60134 - Fun in the Park today (and got the #30350 Volcano Jackhammer promo).

    Added some extra parts (mostly fences) and removed the green plates in favor of the baseplate. The plan is to eventually make a make it into a 2 baseplate set (32x64).

  • BrickDancerBrickDancer Dunes of TatooineMember Posts: 3,639
    And so it begins...

  • bandit778bandit778 Docking Bay 94. Member Posts: 2,132

    Finally got round to combining my two hobbies.

    Lego and Motorbikes.

    Have been meaning to get and build this for ages.

    It's a great little set and the build turned out bigger than I thought it would.

    This one could be spending quite a while on display - although I am going to try and somehow mock up some foot pegs, brake discs and a decent seat (sitting on top of an exposed shock absorber is just asking for trouble).

  • JooTogJooTog Southern CaliforniaMember Posts: 943
    My modular garden taking shape. There are a few pieces as placeholders. Looks like I will have to place my first order at BrinckLink for the missing parts.

  • kiki180703kiki180703 Montreal, CanadaMember Posts: 1,047
    Finished building the #10247 Ferris Wheel yesterday night and it is huge and beautiful! 
    It took me about 6-7 hours to complete. Totally a recommendation from me to buy at retail!
  • tallblocktootallblocktoo CanadaMember Posts: 497
    I just wish they would do a few other fairground sets.  But yes I have no regreets it is a beautiful set!
  • piratemania7piratemania7 New EnglandMember Posts: 2,129
    ^ I was disappointed not seeing anything this past May/June - not sure if TLG is taking a hyatus this year or not from the fairground/carnival theme.

    The Ferris Wheel of course was/is a bit different than the mixer - but still I wonder if we will get something next year?
  • GeordiePaulGeordiePaul Glastonbury, CT, USAMember Posts: 599
    Started the Ghostbusters HQ today. Managed to make it through all the #1 bags with a four year old by my side. He likes to 'help'. We put his Hulkbuster set together yesterday so I tried distracting him a bit with that.

    Will desperately try not to burn through this build, but I'll probably fail miserably. I can never just savour the build and stretch it out a bit :-(
  • ecmo47ecmo47 North CarolinaMember Posts: 2,101
    Kiki: Love the Ferris wheel! One nice mod is to make three red cars and replace one of each color. The red disk are a little rare and expensive but they really brighten up the mostly.
  • Bricklover18Bricklover18 PA, USAMember Posts: 720
    Currently on bag 5 of the Simpsons house.  Build is good, only a little repetitive. 
  • kiki180703kiki180703 Montreal, CanadaMember Posts: 1,047
    @ecmo47 That's actually a great idea! Thanks!
  • JooTogJooTog Southern CaliforniaMember Posts: 943
    I didn't know that #31039 Blue Power Jet was minifigure-scale!
    Got it yesterday 30% off @ Foothill Ranch Target store - There was one set left.

  • bobabricksbobabricks Vancouver, BC, CanadaMember Posts: 1,840
    @JooTog is that the new dog trainer CMF sitting in the back?
  • msandersmsanders Member Posts: 981
    ^ I was disappointed not seeing anything this past May/June - not sure if TLG is taking a hyatus this year or not from the fairground/carnival theme.

    The Ferris Wheel of course was/is a bit different than the mixer - but still I wonder if we will get something next year?
    I thought I read somewhere that there is a Carousel coming out this year - in October (autumn) time. Now where did I read that....(or dream it!). 
  • MaffyDMaffyD West YorkshireMember Posts: 2,785
    I can see that jet being fairly easy to mod into a shield fighter jet... Can't wait to build my copy, even if I only got a 20% discount :-)
  • JooTogJooTog Southern CaliforniaMember Posts: 943
    @JooTog is that the new dog trainer CMF sitting in the back?
    Yes, that's him :) He is a Top Gun pilot. Judges dog shows on weekends.
  • hey...heyhey...hey Member Posts: 19

    Found #60084 for $9 at my local Walmart which I have been watching for awhile, so I picked that up and built it last night. Also started on my last deep sea explorer set, #60095 which I got off Bricklink. I am now thinking of how to display all the sets. Maybe something like JANGBRICKS did?

  • JudgeChuckJudgeChuck UKMember Posts: 1,245
    I managed to build the following Minecraft sets tonight, while watching the highlights of the cricket and then listening to some great tunes on Absolute Classic Rock:

    #21113 The Cave
    #21114 The Farm
    #21115 The First Night
    #21119 The Dungeon

    I probably won't get much built over the weekend, as I'm going to be working most of Saturday day and night and half of Sunday, but I'm going to try to get at least another couple of sets built.

    Once all done, I'll be able to start putting everything together. Should be fun! :-)
  • catwranglercatwrangler Northern IrelandMember Posts: 1,854
    About to start the third evening of my very leisurely build of Infernox Captures The Queen - been doing a little every night while marathoning Stranger Things, which I recommend. Infernox himself is bigger than I expected - I'm often pleasantly surprised by scale with Lego; even when the box art makes it obvious how big stuff is in relation to minifigs, I'm bad at translating that mentally into its actual size. I'm looking forward to hooking him up to Jestro's Evil-Mobile. :D
  • JudgeChuckJudgeChuck UKMember Posts: 1,245
    ^ Very nice! That Nebulon-B MOC, if it's the one I'm thinking of, is incredible... Good luck! :-)
  • JudgeChuckJudgeChuck UKMember Posts: 1,245
    edited July 2016
    I actually managed to build a few more sets last night:

    #21117 The Ender Dragon
    #21120 The Snow Hideout
    #21121 The Desert Outpost
    #21122 The Nether Fortress
    #21123 The Iron Golem
    #21124 The End Portal
    #21125 The Jungle Tree House
    #21126 The Wither

    So I just now have three sets to go:

    #21116 Crafting Box
    #21118 The Mine
    #21128 The Village

    I need to decide which parts of #21116 to build and then it'll be a case of starting to plan the layout and how I'm going to create a bit of a mountain... I'm definitely thinking that another PAB wall trip is going to be in order...

    I also need to work out a nice way of joining #21124 The End Portal to #21117 The Ender Dragon and #21122 The Nether Fortress to the whole layout, but it should be pretty straightforward. It's more of a layout issue than anything else.
  • JudgeChuckJudgeChuck UKMember Posts: 1,245

  • tallblocktootallblocktoo CanadaMember Posts: 497
    Looks fun!  Never been into Minecraft but seem so modular and think one could have endless possibilities.   
  • FauchFauch FranceMember Posts: 2,485
    wow, did you stay up all night?
  • JudgeChuckJudgeChuck UKMember Posts: 1,245
    ^ Not at all... It is one benefit of my sorting regime by theme that it makes putting sets together very quick and efficient. I think I did the smaller sets in about 10 minutes...
    It also helped that I keep The Ender Dragon itself built, so I didn't have to rebuild that model at least, just the landscape, which was very quick.
  • SeanTheCollectorSeanTheCollector BirminghamMember Posts: 764
    I just finished building Minecraft #21121 "The Desert Outpost". Builds quickly. I still can't quite decide if I like the theme. I don't play the game but I have read how to play it and watched videos on You Tube of other people playing! However, I keep telling myself that the parts will come in handy if I give up on the theme! :)

    The only sets that I'm missing are #21127 "The Fortress" and #21128 "The Village". I will wait until double VIP points to get The Village. Anyone know when The Fortress is due out? I suspect that we are coming to the end of the line with Minecraft since there are not many new things left to capture.
  • JudgeChuckJudgeChuck UKMember Posts: 1,245
    @SeanTheCollector LOL! You're only missing The Fortress and The Village and you're still not sure whether you like the theme??!! Wow... :-)
  • JudgeChuckJudgeChuck UKMember Posts: 1,245
    I've just finished building all the basic sets and now I need to work out how to fit them all together in a meaningful way...

    It's all a bit of a mess at the moment...
  • GeordiePaulGeordiePaul Glastonbury, CT, USAMember Posts: 599
    edited July 2016
    Reluctantly abandoned the second floor of the Ghostbusters HQ half way through to take some time out to finally build the 9492 Tie Fighter. That kept my four year happy while I resumed work on the GBHQ!
  • LEGO_Dad77LEGO_Dad77 Northeastern CaliforniaMember Posts: 243
    edited July 2016
    I posted this over in the "LEGO Status" thread, guess it really goes here.
  • LEGO_Dad77LEGO_Dad77 Northeastern CaliforniaMember Posts: 243
    edited July 2016
    I posted this over in the "LEGO Status" thread, guess it really goes here.
  • LEGO_Dad77LEGO_Dad77 Northeastern CaliforniaMember Posts: 243
    edited July 2016
    Post keeps getting cutoff... The rest: This last weekend, in four separate building sessions (Fair was in town, and I got a LOT of playtime in with the Boy), I built my personal Holy Grail LEGO set: #4483, the AT-AT! After years of being outbid and /or it just being too expensive, I FINALLY found one in complete & perfect condition (box, bags, everything!)! I sturdied-up the sides of the head a bit, and added/reconfigured a few pieces of "armor", and I'm happy happy HAPPY. Probably my favorite or second favorite set of all time. Other favorites are the Millenium Falcon, Ewok Village, Lone Ranger Gold Mine, Camouflaged Outpost, Forbidden Island, and....... EVERY set I've ever bought. Anyway, here he is, proudly guarding the piano.

    EDIT: Got it, no Emoji's allowed huh? XD
  • brumeybrumey AustriaMember Posts: 1,002
    unboxed a misb #70401, #70402 and #70403

    got them misb, way under RRP. i have a hard time unboxing ninjago or nexo. but castle, it just has to get unboxed and displayed
  • ecmo47ecmo47 North CarolinaMember Posts: 2,101
    Love the 4486 AT-AT. It was the first Lego set my wife bought me for a Christmas present and one of my first Lego sets that cost $100.00 or more. I also received a #4483 mini AT-AT in my stocking. Was that really 12 years ago?
  • AdeelZubairAdeelZubair London, UKMember Posts: 2,664
    edited July 2016
    I've pretty much finished my LEGO Brand Store, I just need to place the final Bricklink orders to post it online in August! I hope it delivers given how long I've been working on it and how much I've promoted this project. All I can say is I've spent way too much on this MOC and cannot wait for it to finally be over...

    LEGO Brand Store - Modular Building (WIP)[email protected]/albums/72157646319243991
  • bandit778bandit778 Docking Bay 94. Member Posts: 2,132
    edited July 2016
    Finally got round to doing the small mods to #42036 (was achieved quicker than expected thanks to incredibly quick delivery from @Calv 's brick link store Centralbricks).

    Above - New exhaust, foot pegs, rear light cluster and a brake disc.
    Below - New seat, flat handlebars, brake discs and indicators.

    I had to change the angle of the front fairing slightly to stop the new handlebars hitting it and despite looking better, the front brake discs are probably classed as illegal connections in Lego terms because if the bike was to be extensively played with they would rub on the bottom of the spring (fortunately mine is only being displayed).
    Quite happy with how it turned out.
  • JudgeChuckJudgeChuck UKMember Posts: 1,245
    Well, I think that I've just about completed my LEGO Minecraft diorama... I'm not 100% happy with it, but I don't think it's too bad:

    More pictures here:[email protected]/albums/72157671681856736/with/28042359124/

    I need to get a lot more bricks and plates, so that I can integrate The Jungle Treehouse, The Desert Outpost and The Nether Fortress / The Wither more.
    I also need to get some more lights out and also my proper camera, rather than my phone...
  • TheMaker37TheMaker37 Norfolk,VaMember Posts: 491
    This was interesting to build since I started buying the newer modulars last year, PC, PS, PR, DO, BB. It was interesting to see how the building methods have evolved. I always thought it was ugly, but, as many things lego, the actual models is way different than a photo.

  • bandit778bandit778 Docking Bay 94. Member Posts: 2,132
    Finished building #70815 but without the stickers.
    Doesn't look as bad as I thought it would without them, which is just as well as Lego no longer have the sticker sets available. 

    Have managed to find a few sets of stickers on Bricklink so will have to get a set from there.
  • chrisalddinchrisalddin UKMember Posts: 3,013
    over the weekend i have built 3 sets.
    #75140 #75091 and #75135

    now i just have to stop myself from building #31052 to soon.
    i am dying to build it. but i just have to wait a little longer. and i will be done paying back mum and be all set for new lego buys and not having to full back on my backlog when i feel the need to build.
  • TheOriginalSimonBTheOriginalSimonB Felixstowe Member Posts: 1,516
    Just finished 70593 the green NRG wyvern. Sorry Lego, but it needs another two legs to be a dragon.  Excellent build though.
  • GeordiePaulGeordiePaul Glastonbury, CT, USAMember Posts: 599
    Just two #14 bags to go and I'll be all done with the Ghostbusters HQ. I read earlier that somebody didn't like the build and thought it was boring, but I enjoyed it. Especially the interior, it was more detailed than I was expecting.
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