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What are you building right now?



  • mlarue3mlarue3 Member Posts: 25
    This bad boy!
  • KavsterKavster Member Posts: 75
    Hello everyone!
    I am in the process of trying to complete the modular buildings.
    In the mean time, while I'm saving for some of the more expensive and older ones, i've decided to put some lights inside the existing buildings I have.
    I tried lighting up just two buildings so far, but i'm so impressed with how they look, i'm going to buy some more lights.
    I am just about to start building the Parisian Café too!

    I have also started to build some of the Technic range.
    These were both fantastic builds, and i'm really impressed with them!
  • JELJ1SJELJ1S Member Posts: 94
    @kavster The Modulars look incredible!  Im finally stting up my Lego building space and will have all of the modulars on display.  I planned on lightning them up also and your display made it a certainty!  how did you run your lights?  Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  • Rsa33Rsa33 Member Posts: 156
    Am I correct in assuming that all the modular grand emporiums have the baseplate curving in that particular spot?

    I read some older threads where the curving was attributed to laying the large tiles down?

    do other corner bldgs, ie cafe corner and palace cinema, also share this issue of the curving baseplate?

    whats best way if there is a way to fix this?  Any help appreciated, thanks
  • KavsterKavster Member Posts: 75
    @JELJ1S - I used the system from BrickStuff (Click for link)
    It was a very easy to use and simple set up. Click HERE to see how it works.
    I managed to use one set to light two buildings. I'll probably buy another one set to light my Cinema and Parisian Restaurant (when it's built).

    @Rsa33 - I have only found this on my Grand Emporium. It's not on the cinema for some reason. I don't have the Café Corner unfortunately, so I can't comment on that one.
    I don't have any fixes for it, but would be interested to hear of any ideas that people have! 
  • JELJ1SJELJ1S Member Posts: 94
    @rsa33 I have the GE and i dont recall it curving up like that.  i will have to take a look when i unpackage it this weekend. 
  • JELJ1SJELJ1S Member Posts: 94
    @kavster Thanks for the info!  I'll be looking into those as an option for sure.
  • RennyRenny Member Posts: 1,145
    Silly question but do those lights cause any fading or "yellowing" of the bricks?  Just wondering, as they look great.
  • BrikingBriking Member Posts: 768
    @Rsa33 I think my GE has a bulge like that as well.  If I recall correctly, the first 3 modulars were built on two 16x32 plates, so you wouldn't have gotten the same tension in the plate.
  • KavsterKavster Member Posts: 75
    @Renny I've only just installed them today, but they are low power LED, so I'd be really surprised if they did cause any fading etc. 
    Plus, I wouldn't have the lights on for am extended period of time anyway.
  • Rsa33Rsa33 Member Posts: 156
    this curving of the GE baseplate must be a combination of the 32 x 32 baseplate as well as brick distribution in the overall structure...

    altho by that logic PC should suffer the same fate as well?

    have placed large paper weights to see if this will even it out.  

    Am leary of trying to bend it and potentially damage the baseplate.
  • BrikingBriking Member Posts: 768
    Actually got to do some building tonight. A full set of the Daily Mail polybags laid out on the kitchen table. Tonight I did #30305 #30303 and #30274

    Neat little builds.
  • VorpalRyuVorpalRyu Member Posts: 2,318
    Our little mister six just built #60033, only needed a little bit of assistance with the stickers. :)
  • Jern92Jern92 Member Posts: 893
    Finally finished rebuilding all my modulars since I've torn them down to move from NZ to Malaysia. Nice to see them all up again. :-)

  • hkcrazy88hkcrazy88 Member Posts: 163
    Just started the Tumbler, totally loving it!!
  • BrikingBriking Member Posts: 768
    Just finished #10248 that I picked up at the Lego store.  Really enjoyed the build, but annoyed I had to get 2 pieces out of my spares to complete it.

    The nipper really enjoyed #21302 and #21108, so a good day was had by all.  Even though we screwed up on buying it in two tranches to get extra poly bags.
  • OrmskirkBricksOrmskirkBricks Member Posts: 265
    Just finished the Scooby Doo Mystery-Mansion A fun build! 
  • DNADNA Member Posts: 89
    I finished this with my 8 year old. I'm going to help my youngest with the juniors Batman defend the Batcave later. I really like the junior sets.

  • JELJ1SJELJ1S Member Posts: 94
    edited September 2015
  • hoodaddyhoodaddy Member Posts: 315

    Working on a soccer field for my son and daughter. About half way there, planning to populate it with some custom FC Barcelona minifigs as a Christmas present :)
  • Rsa33Rsa33 Member Posts: 156
    Baronsats death star playset...awesome build so far, cheers

  • Rsa33Rsa33 Member Posts: 156
  • LegoboyLegoboy Member Posts: 8,827
    @Rsa33,  interesting design of the superlaser.
  • chuxtoyboxchuxtoybox Member Posts: 711
    Rsa33 said:
    Parts of this remind me of the Kenner Death Star playset I had as a kid. :)
    Image result for kenner death star playset

    Man, I wish I still had that!
  • Rsa33Rsa33 Member Posts: 156
    Yah the creator based it on the old kenner playsets; the second build is even better than the first :)

    Can't wait to finish and put all the mini figs on :)
  • jadedancjadedanc Member Posts: 1,302
    edited September 2015
    My mosaics. Getting down to finishing 2 of my mosaics. What does everybody think? The first one is an homage to LSU Tigers (my fav college team). And the second is a USMC Emblem I am making for my mom who was a Marine back in 1963. 
  • Rsa33Rsa33 Member Posts: 156
    Just missing a few tiles and dark blue plates...otherwise an amazing build.

    def enjoyed the second building and tower more so than the first :)
  • jaitheartistjaitheartist Member Posts: 30
    Just finished Temple of Airjitzu recently, now onto the Scooby Doo Mystery Machine. Taking awhile with all these stickers! 
  • ShibShib Member Posts: 5,477
    Just built #70169 - love the robot dog, have #8399 : K-9 Bot in my collection, and the Ultra Agent robot dog is a nice improvement on the Space Police one.
  • dragon114dragon114 Member Posts: 642
    working on building all of this
  • KavsterKavster Member Posts: 75
    I have just finished building my pet shop. I was not sure about buying it at first (discussed on a different thread), but in the end I'm glad I did. I really enjoyed the build!

  • JELJ1SJELJ1S Member Posts: 94
    edited September 2015
    @Kavster Excellent city layout! Is there any particular reason you don't have your building joined together?

     I just finished the #10224 Town Hall last night.  I think Palace Cinema is next.
    I'm going to replace the Bride and Groom with my wife and my wedding minifigs from our wedding, just as soon as we dig through all of our wedding junk from July.

  • KavsterKavster Member Posts: 75
    @JELJ1S - Thanks! And it's only temporary, I'm in the process of putting in the lights, so just easier to get them down from the shelf. Once it's all finished, I'll push them together!

    and cool! That's one of the older ones I want. I'm considering trying to BL it. I need to learn how to do it at some point! 
  • FauchFauch Member Posts: 2,710
    I guess it'll still cost an arm an a leg. unless you build it in tan instead of orange maybe.
  • brumeybrumey Member Posts: 1,002
    planning to build a huge tall ninja fortress. the theme will be a crossover from old castle lego, space and new ninjago.
    still adapting new snot techniques (23 years dark age) and sorting tons of bricks from mixed lots!

    i have the mechanism for lowering the bridge and the dungeon fall door already built. also some citizens: zombie ninjas. gangsta with wood leg. drunk girls. sorcerers. black knight with personal guards. and lots of ninjago villains!

    but the sorting. oh my . THE SORTING FIRST
  • OrmskirkBricksOrmskirkBricks Member Posts: 265
    Well, I am 2/3s of the way through the Technic 42009 Mobile Crane II! What a build! Picked up for £112 from Tesco Direct, which is a very low price for this set. So far the main truck, and crane arm base built, and I'd say 8 hours in.
  • RevBluesRevBlues Member Posts: 117
    edited September 2015
    I'm currently updating my "Winter Village Castle Keep" to turn it into a "Winter Village English Church".  It was always supposed to be the latter, but I had to make it the former in order to qualify for Ideas.

    My original proposal can be found here:

    My current design in LDD.  (I've actually built it as the castle, but I don't have access to a decent camera at the moment so haven't taken any photos of the real thing yet.  I've added a St. George's flag to the top - it is Anglican, after all. )

  • PaperballparkPaperballpark Member Posts: 4,270
    I'm still building my large railway station. I've finally run out of all the 1x2x2 clear panels that I've bought over the last year. Which means I now know for certain how many more I need to finish the project. 2890. Which means I've used 8630...
  • RailsRails Member Posts: 153
    I'm still building my large railway station. I've finally run out of all the 1x2x2 clear panels that I've bought over the last year. Which means I now know for certain how many more I need to finish the project. 2890. Which means I've used 8630...

    Wow that does sound large! How long are the platforms in terms of straight track pieces?
  • PaperballparkPaperballpark Member Posts: 4,270
    Each platform has 15 straight pieces under the canopy, and a couple extra past the canopy. There are eight platforms in the full station, and four if only displaying half of it.
  • RailsRails Member Posts: 153
    Each platform has 15 straight pieces under the canopy, and a couple extra past the canopy. There are eight platforms in the full station, and four if only displaying half of it.

    Cool, so if my maths is right that makes the canopies 240 studs or 192 cm long? So you should easily be able to fit a full length Horizon Express in the station assuming it's just two power cars and four carriages. Impressive :)
  • PaperballparkPaperballpark Member Posts: 4,270
    Yes, that's correct. The full canopy covers twenty 48x48 baseplates (4x5), and the 'half' canopy takes up 2x5.

    The full station should be at Brick 2015 (if accepted), and probably at STEAM too - if I can finish it in time. If not, it'll just be the half station displayed at STEAM.
  • danstraindepotdanstraindepot Member Posts: 172
    Can't wait to see some photos.  I love train stations!
  • RebelegoRebelego Member Posts: 171
    edited September 2015
    Today I will be rebuilding #10220-1 T1 Camper and my wife will be rebuilding the #10242-1 Mini Cooper!
  • CapnRex101CapnRex101 Administrator Posts: 2,364
    I have just started on the last Star Wars: The Force Awakens set: #75104 Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle.
  • PaperballparkPaperballpark Member Posts: 4,270
    edited September 2015
    These are based on an idea I saw at Bricktastic. I can't remember the name of the guy who I nicked the signal design from though. Sorry!

  • Jern92Jern92 Member Posts: 893
    I'm itching to build my Tower Bridge, but I'm moving on the 27th so will have to wait till then. Argh this is torture!
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