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What are you building right now?



  • MarshallmarioMarshallmario Member Posts: 400
        I like the prospector guy and his little mine shaft. Way cool!
  • 560Heliport560Heliport Member Posts: 4,253
    #80046 Monkie Kid's Cloud Airship. I like the way the red 2x3 slopes keep the bottoms of the gasbag from drooping. 
  • 560Heliport560Heliport Member Posts: 4,253
    I got a teal 2x2 45° printed slope- only in Rock Raiders sets- in a bulk purchase, so added it to the airship. 
  • 560Heliport560Heliport Member Posts: 4,253
    Done. My only complaint about this set is there isn't a spare mohawk hairpiece for Sandy. There's a spare beard, but that's much harder to lose than the mohawk. I should probably buy several mohawks from BnP just in case. 
    There are 42 spare pieces, not counting spare ammo for the stud shooters.
  • BumblepantsBumblepants Member Posts: 7,728
    Didn't expect to read about droopy gasbags on brickset today but here we are. Going to have to find ways to awkwardly add that phrase into conversations at work
  • 560Heliport560Heliport Member Posts: 4,253
    Always glad to entertain! :-D
  • Yo_dAYo_dA Member Posts: 109
    Just finished #76958:

  • WatfordScottyMWatfordScottyM Member Posts: 507
    The the team were surprised to find evidence that the planet had been visited before.

    We need to know the history behind this discovery.  I'd like to believe it's something akin to the Alien franchise.
  • Diamondback_SixDiamondback_Six Member Posts: 491
    edited June 12
    I pulled out an old one this weekend. It has held up well for a 13 year old ship.

    The "high water mark" of Lego Pirates and Lego sailing ships in general, IMO. I still miss mine...
  • karritkarrit Member Posts: 1,066
    edited June 13
    Anybody else having any issues with the Wildflower Bouquet?  I built mine last week.  Today I moved the flowers to a different vase and several petals fell off the purple Daisy.  Tried reattaching but the clips have spread and no longer clutch the wheel they are supposed to attach to.  Already put in a requests for some replacements.
  • Lo1sJessLo1sJess Member Posts: 707
    @karrit now afraid haven’t tried to move mine since building back a couple months ago.
  • eMJeeNLeMJeeNL Member Posts: 817
    The the team were surprised to find evidence that the planet had been visited before.

    We need to know the history behind this discovery.  I'd like to believe it's something akin to the Alien franchise.
    I may need this for my 40649.
  • 560Heliport560Heliport Member Posts: 4,253
    #60346 Barn and Farm Animals. When this set was first revealed, I thought, "Well, it's a Juniors set, it'll be $50." I thought that was reasonable. When the price turned out to be $70, that was just too much. So I was delighted to find this on clearance at Walmart for $49. 
  • ickisickis Member Posts: 101
    Finished this (a few days ago)...

    I had to modify my stand design ever so slightly by adding some additional support by way of 1x4 plates...

    My prototype didn't need it either because the hinges were stronger, or the cube's weight played less of a factor.  Using a digital bathroom scale, looks like the cube I tested with is about 1.2 pounds whereas this new cube is about 2 pounds (they're both hollow).

    This might be the pinnacle of my ridiculousness (with LEGO).  It's a 5.5-inch cube consisting of 28 unique parts, 2,266 total parts, and a total PAB parts cost of $193.11 USD.

    Now I want to make the cube twice as large.  Though, I'll need a whole new design for a stand, might just need to make the current one twice as large too with a few tweaks.  That and more money >_<  But to make a cube twice as big, I'd need to essentially make 8 cubes.  So, assuming it's just as simple as that (which it is NEVER just as simple as that), that's $1,475.76 USD.  That's A LOT more money >_<  Guess I could do a 53-week challenge thing in 2024 and have the funds to buy the parts in 2025 ^_^
  • WesterBricksWesterBricks Member Posts: 960
    Reassembling the Upside Down from a large collection I bought a few weeks ago. Still looking for the last DBG roof slope.

  • WesterBricksWesterBricks Member Posts: 960
    @ickis have you priced the parts on BrickLink? PAB can be high for tiny parts.
  • ickisickis Member Posts: 101
    @WesterBricks, I have but typically only when I can't get something from PAB.  My preference is to source direct from LEGO.  No question on new meaning new and shipping costs aren't too bad most times (if even applicable).  Plus, can get cash back and VIP points or use VIP discounts.  But... BrickLink can sometimes be cheaper indeed and is certainly faster when shipping domestically.  (Yay, USPS!) If I decide to go full ridiculous, going to pinch pennies where I can so BrickLink (or Brick Owl) will likely come into play.
  • 560Heliport560Heliport Member Posts: 4,253
    @ickis if you're going to double the size, are you going to use 2x2 plates instead of 1x1s? That might reduce the cost somewhat.
  • WesterBricksWesterBricks Member Posts: 960
    Finished the Upside Down as much as I can for now. I know a few of the missing parts are still in the big mix, but most of the minifigs are gone, along with the truck.

    Thankfully Dustin and the Demogorgon are here, they are by far the most expensive to replace.

  • ickisickis Member Posts: 101
    Ditch Dustin Day!
  • ickisickis Member Posts: 101
    @560Heliport, that sounds too much like common sense.  But I have thought about it.  I should price that out and see.  Visually it'd be about the same effect so eh.  Would be easier to build using 2x2 tiles too, no alignment issues.
  • eMJeeNLeMJeeNL Member Posts: 817
    edited June 19
    ickis said:
    @560Heliport, that sounds too much like common sense.  But I have thought about it.  I should price that out and see.  Visually it'd be about the same effect so eh.  Would be easier to build using 2x2 tiles too, no alignment issues.
    Cool project! Are you going twice the size, or are you doubling the length of each side? That would be 8 times the size, with 4time the amount of tiles (which can indeed be negated with using 2x2's, which are 4 times as big...), I'd guess (think the sides are 16x16 studs now, so you're going to 32x32?)? That would be a thing to see!
  • FollowsCloselyFollowsClosely Member Posts: 1,380
    ^ That is awesome!
  • 560Heliport560Heliport Member Posts: 4,253
    @Bumblepants thanks for making me feel old!  :)
    I was 20 when M-tron came out... But I have all of those sets.
  • Diamondback_SixDiamondback_Six Member Posts: 491
    I WIN, for once! Mom didn't get the JP Visitor Center... because I beat her to the punch. Now to figure out how to combine it with the Kitchen and Control Room parts of the old Raptor Chase set... thinking CR goes on the Hatchery side, Kitchen the Dining Room side and I'll have to hit Bricks & Pieces for an extra wall section.
  • legobodlegobod Member Posts: 334

    Probably the first set I wish was bigger. I didn't like how boxy the smaller cutaway (horn) on the right was either so switched some parts.
  • evanceltevancelt Member Posts: 336
    Starting to put together some figures for an upcoming redcoat fort

  • BrickchapBrickchap Member Posts: 1,543
    @evancelt Awesome! Nice parts usage with that hoodie piece for the head covering. Your redcoats look superb! :)

    I have some 'realistic' muskets and flintlock pistols from Brickarms, which are a big improvement over Lego's ones. Do you recommend buying bayonets as well?
  • evanceltevancelt Member Posts: 336
    Brickchap said:
    @evancelt Awesome! Nice parts usage with that hoodie piece for the head covering. Your redcoats look superb! :)

    I have some 'realistic' muskets and flintlock pistols from Brickarms, which are a big improvement over Lego's ones. Do you recommend buying bayonets as well?
    Thanks! I like the bayonets - they add some length and detail.

    These bayonets are from BrickForge. BrickArms also makes some, but they require two pieces rather than the single BrickForge one.
  • evanceltevancelt Member Posts: 336
    Updated the motor mechanism so the windmill goes much slower now
  • evanceltevancelt Member Posts: 336
    Some new parts to play with

  • AstrobricksAstrobricks Member Posts: 5,563
    edited June 23
    evancelt said:
    Updated the motor mechanism so the windmill goes much slower now

    Awww, so you can’t use it as a fan anymore? ;-)
  • FollowsCloselyFollowsClosely Member Posts: 1,380
    edited June 24
    I placed a few pieces on a build I have not touched in 5 months.

  • mhe4mhe4 Member Posts: 47
    edited June 24
  • lowleadlowlead Member Posts: 689
    Finally had a couple days to sit down and enjoy a build after a very busy work season...which still doesn't seem to be slowing down as it historically should.
    Couldn't pass up the Defender - great model which is just packed with detail.  The suspension is genius, had fun building this one.  Now a hyperspace jump to Endor....
  • BrickchapBrickchap Member Posts: 1,543
    Great work! Yes larger builds like this and modulars, you need at least 2 full days, uninterrupted to build them, let alone enjoy them. (exact build time varies for each person, I'm also factoring in breaks, eating, other tasks that may be required etc.)
    Really wish Lego had made the minifig scale set more like this larger set instead of that macaroni colour one :(
  • BrickchapBrickchap Member Posts: 1,543
    So I've started building Jazz Club and would like some advice.
    Firstly, what colours do people recommend for the ground floor? (I plan to remove the azure blue.)
    Secondly, I'd like to expand the jazz club area. Now one thing I will do is take out the 45 degree entrance and possibly make the stage a tad larger. However it came to mind that I could modify the second floor instead, and this is where I'd like other people's recommendations.
    I am considering filling the space where the balcony is, removing the walls that separate the manager's office and tailor's workshop, and removing the balcony. (so the entire second floor of the modular is basically a sort of rectangle, with the staircase in the middle). Then I would have the stage and a dance floor or seating in the main building, and a bar/supper room where the tailor normally is. My question to you guys is, would this work? And going on from that, would this actually provide any more space for the jazz club compared to keeping it on the ground floor? (I also don't like the massive hole in the wall between the pizzeria and jazz club).
    Now if we assume that my second floor idea would work, I would then ask what should I do with the ground floor? A larger dressmakers/tailors store? Seating for the Italian restaurant and make the pizzeria just the kitchen? Something else?
  • Switchfoot55Switchfoot55 Member Posts: 3,477
    pxchris said:
    ...No plans at all to be a completionist for any faction...

    Famous last words...

    Honestly, your theme collecting constantly has me debating if I need to just finally decide to go after a full theme. 

    Happy hunting!
  • FauchFauch Member Posts: 2,711
    I'm not sure why it has gold windows though. Same thing for the medieval blacksmith
  • pxchrispxchris Member Posts: 2,438
    Famous last words...
    I know... 
    Butttttttttttt... I think I really mean it this time.

    I got all of the Dragon Knights sets, because that theme is just awesome in every way! But for instance, looking at all of the smaller Black Knights sets, I really am not a fan of many of them, so I don't want to spend the extremely high prices that Castle sets go for these days to get them.
    I've long (like, as in well before my Pirates collecting really kicked off) had a dream of getting all of the Forestmen sets, so I will someday work towards that.
    But, otherwise, none of the other Castle factions hold enough of an appeal to me to really go after them hard. There are a number of sets (a lot of them on the smaller end) from a variety of the factions of the 80s and early 90s that appeal to me, so I'll work on some of those, but I truly do think I'll be content with just those. I don't even really want any of the other big castles other than the Black Falcon Fortress #6074. I've looked long and hard at like #6080 and #6081 but neither of those really do it for me either.

    Sooo... my Castle collecting will definitely be much more low-key (but no less expensive) than some of the other themes that I've hit much harder.
  • 560Heliport560Heliport Member Posts: 4,253
    I brought some Lego to my cousin's grandchildren Sunday. Colton built this model of the swimming pond at their friends' farm. The red 2x4 is the diving board; the gold chains are the zipline.
  • evanceltevancelt Member Posts: 336
    Made some redcoat torso stickers based on 10320 in case anyone wants to print some out

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