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Polys wanted/have lots of polys & sets to trade, Uruk-Hai, Sun polys, White Boba etc

sirrich69sirrich69 Member Posts: 531
I have eventually gone through my polys and have drawn up a list of what I am missing and would like to get. After getting the majority of SW brickmaster polys off @LegofanTexas I am now keen to get all brickmaster sets.

Some I know are ubber rare but lets see if I have anything that may tempt someone. I have also listed the quantities I would like.

20006 Clone Turbo Tank
20007 Republic Attack Cruiser

20001 [Batbot]
20002 [4x4 Fire Truck]
20003 [Creator]
20004 [Indiana Jones]
20005 [Bionicle
20008 [Creator]
20011 [Creator]
20012 [Bionicle]
20013 [Neptune Microsub]
20020 [Ninjago]

30084 Ninjago Jay x2
30088 Ninjago Rattla x2
30164 Lex Luthor x2
30059 Star Wars MTT x2
30026 Panda
30100 Friends Beech x2
30133 POTC Jack Sparrow
30151Mining Dozer

5000202-1: Elrond x2

I have the following to trade

Shadow ARF trooper x 3
White Boba Fett x 2
TC14 x 2
Hulk promo minifigure x 5
Shirtless Darth Maul x 3

Stig top Gear keyring

3222 Helicopter and Limo set (MISB) x 2

30140 ADU walker
40049 Mini Sopwith Camel
40028 Mini Hogwarts
30029 Pudsey Bear

I also have some brickmaster sets spare
20009 AT-TE walker
20014 4x4 dynamo x3
20015 Crocodile
20016 Imperial Shuttle x 2
20017 Prince of Persia x3
20018 AT-AT walker x2
20019 Slave 1 x 2

All the current Sun Polys plus the ones in May this year rather than list may as well provide the links.

May 2012
Ocotber 2012

I have several 30211 Uruk-Hai (qty 30)

I am UK based but will for the right trade ship internationally.




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