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Lego Kidfest...What to expect?

Jonn420Jonn420 Member Posts: 267
edited November 2012 in Community and Events
im taking my 2 sons to the Kidfest in Pittsburg USA, i was wondering if anyone visited any of the other events and what their time was wondering if there is anything to do for AFOL at a Kidfest. I also got cards in the mail for the kids to bring along for a suprize....wondering what thats about.....


  • meyerc13meyerc13 Member Posts: 227
    This topic has come up a few times, if you search the forums I'm sure you'll find some previous posts. The short answer, as an AFOL, the primary draw is going to be the onsite LEGO store, which will probably have some discounted sets. In Milwaukee I picked up some Alien Conquest sets, the Harry Potter game, and a Star Wars set - all for 50% off if I recall correctly.

    They also had some displays cases that could have been really cool if almost every single one hadn't been broken. Unfortunately that isn't an exaggeration. Star Wars ships had broken off of metal stands meant to hold them and crashed onto the display, kids had thrown duplo blocks into another... pretty much every single one had something broken.

    On a positive note, the traveling museum of life-size models was impressive. I've seen similar models to some at LEGO stores and LEGOLand Discovery Centers, but the Lightning McQueen was impressive to see up close.

    This is mostly an event for kids, and it's fun to watch them build and play. They also give away things like Ninjago spinners and small polybags. Keep an eye out for the Master Builder... sometimes he'll give away large sets to kids who answer his questions correctly.

    Hopefully your experience as an AFOL will be better than mine, I sent feedback to LEGO but never heard anything back (quite unusual for LEGO - typically their service is much better than that), so hopefully they fixed the problems I observed.

    Overall it was a fun day, but it could have been better had a few minor changes been made.
  • davee123davee123 USAMember Posts: 810
    As stated, it's really much more fun for kids than adults. In some areas, local AFOLs contribute to the KidsFest events, and can put together some models that are often more interesting than "official" LEGO models. But that obviously depends on your area.

    When we did KidsFest in Hartford, we had 2 large AFOL train layouts, a GBC display, and a smattering of other MOCs. But obviously each contributing LUG is different, and some areas may not have a strong AFOL presence. I would probably expect that PennLUG will be doing a train display (being in PA, after all), but I don't know what else they'd do.

    Apart from the store, there isn't much for AFOLs to do that's all that different from doing at home. They have various free-build activities for kids, and other builds like mosaics (build 6x6 tiles that get added to a large mosaic). They've also got things like sessions with Master Builders (but these are usually targeted at kids-- not all that informative for AFOLs), showcases of sets and displays, LEGO Board Games, LEGO video game stations, and a smattering of other activities set up by local advertising groups.

    So, if you want to spend a few bucks to see some cool LEGO models, museum-style, then I'd say go for it. You can also (I'm guessing) talk to some of the local AFOLs from PennLUG. If that sounds like it's worth it, hey, make the trip! Just bear in mind that the target audience is children.
    meyerc13 said:

    I sent feedback to LEGO but never heard anything back (quite unusual for LEGO - typically their service is much better than that), so hopefully they fixed the problems I observed.

    LEGO Kidsfest is actually managed by a different group (not sure where you filed your feedback).

    In related news, the FIRST KidsFest in Hartford was a NIGHTMARE for LEGO. Actually, the first few were. The 3rd party (Life Marketing) botched it big time-- eventually firing their CEO (or some other higher-up)!

    I won't get into the details, but suffice to say that if you want to give them feedback, you might want to make sure that you give it to LEGO directly.

  • mechteachmechteach Member Posts: 19
    ^ and ^^ - thanks for the comments and descriptions. We're going to our first KidsFest in Pgh as well, and it is good to get these insights. Everyone in my group is going for their kids (though we have some AFOL parents), so it's good to know that we're on target with that.
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