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Minifigures distribution of Lego Minifigures Series 1

legowin2010legowin2010 Member Posts: 8
Hi everyone,

Does anyone know what is the minifigures distribution of one sealed box of 60 minifigures for Lego Minifigures Series 1 (8683)?



  • tom4086tom4086 Member Posts: 689
    Hi Legowin2010,

    4 Cavemen
    3 Cheerleaders
    3 Circus Clowns
    4 Cowboys
    5 Deep Sea Divers
    5 Demolition Dummies
    4 Forestmen
    4 Magicians
    5 Ninja
    3 Nurses
    4 Robots
    3 Skaters
    4 Spacemen
    3 Super Wrestler
    3 Tribal Hunters
    3 Zombies
  • sirrich69sirrich69 Member Posts: 526
    5 deep sea divers, ninja's and crash test dummies

    4 cowboys, forest man, robot, magician, caveman and spaceman

    3 tribal hunter, cheerleader, clown, zombie, skater, wrestler and nurse.
  • legowin2010legowin2010 Member Posts: 8
    Got it.. Thank you very much for the information!
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 20,523
    If you find an open box it will be mainly divers and dummies though. A shop near where I used to live had one opened box, which must have been the remnants of lots of boxes. I'm sure they had at least 40 packets, all divers and dummies.
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