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Peg leg question

jb15jb15 Member Posts: 53
edited May 2011 in Building and Techniques
I'm working on making a LEGO faun and thought about using two peg legs from the pirates sets. I thought someone could answer my question: What, if any, are reversible? Are there any left peg legs?

If someone wanted to provide links to catalague entries on bricklink that'd be great.


  • SapmiSatanSapmiSatan Member Posts: 106
    I've thought about doing that myself, unfortunately, I only have one brown peg leg, so I haven't been able to do so. As for your question, "Are there any left peg legs?"... Peg legs fit both sides, they're not specific like normal LEGO legs, you just need two brown peg legs, and a pair of normal, brown legs: You take of both the normal legs and replace them with the pegs. As for the upper body, I'd use the surfer's torso(if yellow) or the IJ plane mechanic's(if skin-coloured), and whatever head you'd like, topped with the elf's or the werewolf's hair.
  • jb15jb15 Member Posts: 53
    Thanks for the info.
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