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[World] Trade Polys/small sets/Chase McCain for Elrond &/or SUN Promotion polys

ChoochChooch Member Posts: 148
I have some spare polys, small sets and multiple Chase McCains for trade and I am looking for some of the SUN promos. I am also seeking 2x Elrond so take a look at what I have and let me know what you would like to trade. I'm in the USA but would mail worldwide if you have good Marketplace Feedback:

I have:
#7915 Star Wars Imperial V-wing Starfighter [x1; used; instruction book good but used; missing R2-Q2, but have R4-P44 if you want a droid; no box]
#8065 Technic Mini Container Truck [x1; used; all pieces & instruction books are there; no box]
#30013 CITY Police ATV [x1]
#30014 CITY Police Helicopter [x1]
#30151 CITY Front-end Loader [x2]
#30152 CITY Mining Quad [x1]
#30101 Friends Skateboard [x3]
#30102 Friends Desk [x1]
#30105 Friends Mailbox [x1]
#30161 Batmobile [x2]
#30200 Monster Fighters Coffin Car [x3]
#5000281 CITY Chase McCain [x5]

My first want is Elrond, then the Sun Promos - I will always need the Uruk Hai but have a few coming so will want to trade for some of the other Promos first. If you are international, I would prefer to do multiple trades to keep shipping down.


  • richoricho Member Posts: 3,830
    pm sent.
  • ChoochChooch Member Posts: 148
    Okay - a few deals are going right now for the polys so until the dust settles, I'm looking for Elrond only. I will update this topic once deals are done and can update the set availability.
    Thanx everyone - if you want to trade Elrond, let me know....
  • ChoochChooch Member Posts: 148
    Well, the trades have sorted out and lessons in shipping costs learned :) - Mods, please close this thread as I don't think a trade for Elrond is going to happen. Thanx everyone!
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