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Layout Table Design

I plan on bundling a table for my LEGOs, primarily accommodating my trains and a small town. Does any have any suggestions of inexpensive materials to use? I'd like to spend as little as possible but still be able to support the weight. I was thinking of using ply wood for the top and metal piping for the legs.


  • graphitegraphite Member Posts: 3,275
    There is no real need to use metal at all. Wood can support a lot more weight than a table of LEGO weighs. I built my table using the like 5/32 plywood (thin stuff) as the top and built 2'x3' pieces with frames on the bottom side with notches to put in 6-8 inch pieces of 1x4 to flush the top together where the sections meet. Right now it is 10 2x3 sections to make a 10'x6' table, but I made it out of that sized piece to get the most out of a piece of plywood while also making it easy to move and reconfigure into other shapes/sizes if I ended up with more room at some point. I have it sitting on 2 folding tables with 2 10ft 2x4's supporting each row of 5 2x3's. You could easily and cheaply make a couple sawhorses to support the ends of the 2x4's instead of the tables. Or if you're building one full piece table you can just build a frame for the top with a couple cross supports and straight down legs. Guess it depends on if you want it heavy duty and unmovable or lighter and movable.

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