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Buying - 2012 Toy Fair Captain American/Iron Man Sets & More....

BrickEnvyBrickEnvy Member Posts: 23
I am currently looking for some of the 2012 Toy Fair Captain American & Iron Man minifgures sets. PM with what you have and we can go from there.

I am also looking for, but not limited to, the following:

*all figures must come with their original accessories/weapons*

- 2012 Toy Fair Collectors Preview - Captain America/Iron Man Set
- NYCC Superman (with card)
- NYCC Batman (with card)
- NYCC Green Lantern (with card)
- SDCC Batman (with card)
- SDCC Green Lantern (with card)
- Boba Fett (Cloud City)
- Lando (Cloud City)
- Luke Bespin (Cloud City)
- Princess Leia (Cloud City)
- C-3PO (Gold chrome - Limited Edition, sealed in polybag)
- Boba Fett (White, sealed in polybag)
- Darth Vader (Chrome, sealed in polybag)
- Darth Vader (Nurnberg Toy Fair, sealed in polybag)
- Watto (from set 7186)
- Jango Fett (7153)
- Greedo
- Spider-Man (from the early 2000s sets)
- Green Goblin (from the early 2000s sets)
- Doc Ock (from the early 2000s sets)

If you have any of these minifigures or other sealed sets or minifigures, and are interested in selling them, drop me a PM.



  • sidersddsidersdd Member Posts: 2,432
    I have SDCC Batman, SDCC Green Lantern, Chrome C-3PO, Chrome Vader, and White Boba. Take a look at my Bricklink store, and make a deal if you're interested.
  • sipmart242sipmart242 Member Posts: 41
    Nice shop :)-
  • BrickEnvyBrickEnvy Member Posts: 23
    I will take a loot at your store and let you know.
  • samiam391samiam391 Member Posts: 4,486
    I have everything on your list, I'll shoot you a PM.
  • BrickEnvyBrickEnvy Member Posts: 23
    Still buying... =)

    Sam, I will get in touch again later today or tomorrow.
  • BrickEnvyBrickEnvy Member Posts: 23
    Also looking to buy a few complete runs of the late 1970s-1980s Castle and Space Sets all sealed in original boxes.
  • BrickEnvyBrickEnvy Member Posts: 23
    Looking to purchase most of the Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Series sets as well. Mostly looking for perfect boxed examples in original shipping boxes from LEGO but am open to these sets in all forms (loose, complete, sealed but damaged boxes, mint boxes etc)
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