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Want to convert the Shuttle Adventure (10213) to Shuttle Expedition (10231)? Look inside!

RonnyRonny USAMember Posts: 86
I had originally sent this e-mail to Huw, and he suggested that I'll post it here.

Note that this is NOT the same as applying the LEGO-delivered fix to the 10213 Shuttle Adventure, which simply reinforced the tank (poorly, IMHO).

This is a complete conversion from one shuttle to another.
Get the building instructions from Brickset or LEGO.
Order the parts on BrickLink.
Have fun, and if you have any questions, please ask.

Original e-mail to Huw:
Here you go, sir.

As promised, this is the BrickStore file containing all the elements needed to convert the 10213 Shuttle Adventure to 10231 Shuttle Expedition.
The models have 1,204 and 1,230 parts respectively, however, since not all of the 10213 ones are used, there are actually 288 pieces missing in 82 lots.

My model still has "Adventure" on the side of the orbiter.
If any of your readers (my fellow LEGOholics) is interested in doing a full conversion, where the sides say "Expedition", they will also need to buy:

1) The sticker sheet for 10231.
2) Two extra elements of 87544 (BrickStore part number) -OR- two extra elements of 4585448 (LEGO part number) in white. This is where the sticker with "Expedition" will go.
(I have the sticker sheet, but I didn't get the two extra elements yet)

All-in-all, it cost me approx. $40 to do this conversion.
The build starts and ends in a way that's very similar to the 10213 model, but there are many differences that made the build enjoyable for me.

The two astronauts actually fit in the cockpit. The satellite was redone, is much sturdier, and stays tight when the cargo bay arm is extended (it also sits well in the cargo bay).
The end-result is a very sturdy shuttle. It even looks a little taller to me... maybe I'm just imagining things. Take a look at the picture with it next to the B-Wing and judge for yourself :)

I would highly recommend it to anyone who's interested, can find the parts, and can afford the price.

It always bothered me that I have the Adventure (10213), the "old" model that had all the defects that were corrected in Expedition. Now I can finally sleep in peace.

Feel free to share this note and the pictures.

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