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UNOFFICIAL LEGO SETS/PARTS COLLECTORS GUIDE (1949-90s)... available for preorders....

IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,150
edited May 2011 in Marketplace
For those of you familiar with my 51 years of LEGO knowledge... this new updated expanded 3,000 page "encyclopedic" guide on everything you ever wanted to know about LEGO.... it's in here... going back to Day 1 in 1949... when the first LEGO bricks were produced.

Since Brickset is giving me an error message that the TABLE OF CONTENTS is 9686 characters too long... I'll have to reference my LUGNET post of this message (where more text is allowed)....

This also references my 90 sample images from my FLICKR pages as samples of the over 3000 images in the CD... also there will be a chapter devoted to LEGO TV commercials of the last 50 years... something that a book cannot do (plus a 3000+ page book is out of the question... it would have to be an expensive 4 volume set).

Check it out (especially the FLICKR images and the extensive Table Of Contents of the 71 chapters, 4 appendices and 2 (EURO and DOLLAR) Insurance Price Guides....

Here's another link to the FLICKR images you can find in the collectors guide (these are mostly older stuff... the newer stuff will also be in there)....

And again... to order this.... preorders get free rare LEGO parts as well as some 1970s unused rock concert tickets (it's a long story... but I got a hoard of thousands from an old major theatre)....

The price is USA $29.95... which for our non-USA folks isn't that bad considering how much buying power your currencies has against the USA Dollar... shipping is $1.55 to USA/Canada.... and $2.55 to rest of world.

Gary Istok
LEGO Collector since 1960.

P.S. The CD will ship in late spring... (but later orders don't get the freebies).
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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.