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4204 The Mine Buyers and Sellers Thread (short version!)

BrickarmorBrickarmor Member Posts: 1,258
edited October 2012 in Marketplace
I hope everyone will see the utility of this additional thread. I, for one, am bewildered by the overlap between the two existing threads and thus got the idea for this one. The way it seems to me, buyers don't know who's still selling and sellers don't know who's still looking. It pleases me greatly to see how many Bricksetters are going an extra mile (literally!) to help out others and I wanted to make the process easier, faster, and simpler. Hence no commentary "short version." Let's keep the thread to the point. The other threads leave plenty of room for storytelling, etc.

So here's the idea: BUYERS post here that they are "looking." Your post should need to say little else. When you make a deal or whatever, post something succinct like "Got it! Thanks @_____." You dont have to name names if you dont want to. SELLERS take a look starting at the top, PM those still looking. Buyers be sure to post when you are no longer looking so that sellers can move to the next request. That's it! .

Note: there are no guarantees that posting here will land you a set, so no sour grapes if so-and-so who posted after you gets a set before you do. Some friendships are preexistent conditions! As it stands this sale runs all week and I figure the people looking to buy and sell will continue to grow.

I have PM'd someone I think is still looking. IF it falls through, I will PM the next person to post here.


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