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S3, S4, S5, S6 and S7 trades (UK)

IntrospectiveIntrospective Member Posts: 9
edited October 2012 in Marketplace
Hi - I've just got a whole load of new minifigures, so here is what I have and need ...


Need: snowboarder girl, elf, cyborg, fisherman, rapper


Need: viking, musketeer, gnome, hockey player, skater girl, skateboarder
Got: hazmat guy, artist, surfer girl, frankenstein, werewolf, sailor, geisha, punk, footballer


Need: gladiator
Got: boxer, zookeeper, royal guard, dance instructor, dwarf, dinosaur guy


Need: liberty, clockwork robot, surgeon, butcher, centurion, sleepyhead, genie
Got: bandit, minotaur, highlander


Need: red riding hood, valkyrie, rabbit guy, rock chick, swimmer, aztec, bride
Got: tarzan, space police, black knight

Let me know if you can help me out. I'm happy to post any swaps internationally if anyone is desperate. Can also swap anything in the upcoming Sun promotion if you can't get them yourself!



  • IntrospectiveIntrospective Member Posts: 9
    Oh yeah and also:


    Need: actor, alien queen, banker, diver, skier girl, fairy, swiss pretzel guy
  • AnseltheCatAnseltheCat Member Posts: 141
  • IntrospectiveIntrospective Member Posts: 9
    I should add that my swaps are new and untouched, but they have been opened and repacked in small plastic sealed bags, so you get the leaflet but not the original packet.
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