Ladder 14 x 2.5 knob

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My kids had made a mess of their LEGO table again, so tonight I was sorting out parts. I had a stack of the ladder 14 x 2.5 pieces in white, and I noticed that four of them that I purchased on ebay with set 6340 Hook & Ladder have a different, larger knob for the stops on the ladder. I had never noticed that this part had changed, but all of our newer fire engines came with ladders with a very small knob. I checked Bricklink, and unless I'm missing it, I don't see different entries for the ladder there even though they seem to list different parts whenever a change like this is made.

I only came back to LEGO a couple of years ago, so I don't have many sets from pre-2007, can anyone confirm that these larger knobbed ladders are the correct ones for set 6340?
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