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FS: Super Heroes, Town, City, Minifigs, Parts...

typocorrectotypocorrecto Member Posts: 197
edited October 2012 in Marketplace
I am ready to move on...entering a Dark Age...

Super Heroes(2012 Sets & Minifigs)
Comics from the sets are included.
Complete Set - 6865 Captain America's Avenging Cycle (Complete, Minifigures, Box, Stickers & Instructions included)
Minifigures from 6866, 6867, 6868, 6869 - Captain America, Iron Man with Triangle on Chest, Iron Man with Circle on Chest, Wolverine, Thor, Alien General, x2 Alien Foot Soldier, Magneto, Deadpool, x2 Loki, Hawkeye, and Black Widow.
New Sticker Sheet from 6869 Quinjet Aerial Battle
Various Accessories Included
Hulk minifigure is NOT included
Complete Set - 6862 Lex Luthor Power Armor Robot (Complete, Minifigures, Box & Instructions included)
Complete Set - 30164 Lex Luthor (Complete, Minifigure, Bag & Instructions included)
Minifigures from 6857, 6858, 6860, 6862, 6863, 6864 - Wonder Woman, x2 The Joker - Lime Vest, Catwoman, Two-Face, Orange and Purple Suit, The Riddler, Bane - Light Flesh Hands, Poison Ivy, Robin - Black Cape, Lex Luthor, Batman - Black Suit with Yellow Belt, Batman - Wings and Jet Pack, The Joker's Henchman - Lime Jacket, x2 Two-Face's Henchman, Orange and Purple, Harley Quinn, Batman - Light Bluish Gray Suit with Yellow, Bruce Wayne - Gray Suit, and Lex Luthor - Battle Armor. (Security Guard Minifigure NOT included)
Various Accessories Included
$250 Shipped

LEGO Minifigure LOT
9348 Community Minifigure Set (Complete, Box)
6326 Town Folk (Complete, Box, Bags)
6314 City People (Complete, No box, No bags)
6309 Town Mini-Figures (complete, No box, No bags)
$100 Shipped

3442 LEGOLAND California Truck & 2148 LEGO Truck
Complete, Minifigs, Instructions, Stickers Applied, No Original Boxes
$25 Shipped

3222 Helicopter and Limousine
Complete, Minifigs & Accessories, Instructions, Stickers Applied, Original Box
$50 Shipped

10200 Custom Car Garage
Complete, Minifigs & Accessories, Instructions, Stickers Applied, New/Unused Sticker Sheet, LEGO Factory CD, No Original Box
$100 Shipped

Various Bricks Plates Tiles Train Windows Doors Parts Lot Rare Blue Arch
$50 Shipped

Plates Tiles Various Rare Colors Bulk Lot
$25 Shipped

Payment sent through Paypal, USA based but will ship overseas(shipping charged)...

PM me if interested...


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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.