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Selling : almost all Classic Pirates sets + 10190 Market Street

BoomchilBoomchil Member Posts: 6
edited October 2012 in Marketplace
As you can see in my Eurobricks profile, I'm currently trying to collect every single Classic Pirates set new in box. This is why I'm selling all my "previously-owned" sets.

They all come with original instructions (some have boxes but most of them don't), and are in good shape overall (no part missing). If you want some information or picture of a set, please ask.

I have them all (even the rare ones like Value Packs), so feel free to ask. The only ones I'm not willing to sell at this time are 6286 Skull Eye Schooner and 6277 Imperial Trading Post (since I cannot afford MISB ones).

I will try to make nice prices, and if you buy several sets I'll offer some discount, so feel free to ask or make offers.

I'm also selling a used 10190 Market Street. It comes complete with instructions (in average condition) but no box. I've bought it to a child, so there are a dozen very common parts that are in medium condition (it should be really easy and cheap to replace them), other than that it's in good condition (but not pristine). This is not a bricklinked one, all parts are original. I can provide pictures if you want.

I sell it for 480€ + shipping (which should be around 15-20€ in Europe).

Thank you.


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