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Looking for custom set

steinbriquesteinbrique germanyMember Posts: 29
I am looking for a friend for a company/designer that can design a data center give a way.
They are looking for 50 to 100  set.
Company  is based in Holland,  ideal would be a company  in Holland  or Europe. 
Any recommendations?


  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 20,403
    You would probably need to ask your friend roughly how many parts per set, how many sets and most importantly what is their design budget and what do they want built - a building or a room or a single cabinet? Is it 50 to 100 parts, or 50 to 100 sets?
  • steinbriquesteinbrique germanyMember Posts: 29
    50 to 100 sets, will check  for more info. Thanks
  • steinbriquesteinbrique germanyMember Posts: 29
    So, they are looking for a single cabinet, 15 cm more or less...
    Any tips ?
  • RTORTO Member Posts: 76
    My brother does custom designs. Everything he's published online is rocket focused, but he does do other designs on contract.

    Messaging him on Twitter is probably the easiest way to get a hold of him.
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