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Ton of old star wars sets FS

wagnerml2wagnerml2 Belleville, IllinoisMember Posts: 1,376
edited September 2012 in Marketplace
I just bought a star wars collection from the early years and have the following sets for sale. No Boxes or instructions, but all minifigs and accessories. All sets appear to be complete, but I will verify before sending. Some of the sets are dirty, but I am cleaning them up as we speak. Stickers are applied and in various states. I picked the lot up reasonable, so just looking for reasonable offers. I am in the US but will ship world wide at your cost. HAve sold to may of you, so buy with confidence. Here is the list:

#7184 - MTT
#7190 - Milleneum Falcon
#7203 - Jedi Defense I
#7133 - Bounty Hunter Pursuit
#7143 - Jedi Starfighter
#7163 - Republic Gunship - (Stickers in bad shape. Some white bricks are a bit discolored or dirty, havent cleaned it yet!)
#7121 - Naboo Swamp
#7130 - Snow Speeder
#7128 - Speeder Bikes
#7142 - X-Wing
#7151 - Sith Infiltrator
#7104 - Desert Skiff
#7124 - Flash Speeder
#7134 - A-Wing FIghter
#7144 - Slave I
#7155 - Trade Federation AAT
#7180 - B-Wing at REbel Control
#7146 - Tie Fighter
#7166 - Imperial Shuttle
#7119 - Twin Pod Cloud Car
#7200 - Final Duel

Let me know!

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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.