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Unacceptable Cracking

aaronptrckaaronptrck Member Posts: 15
edited September 2012 in Everything else LEGO
I'm sure this topic has been brought up time and time again, however by constantly adding fuel to the fire, perhaps LEGO will take action to better satisfy angry customers.

My complaint: Upon picking up today approx. 6 of the bricks had cracks extended from the bottom to the top of the brick.

And the checklist -
-No I didn't Step on the set
-Kept in a mostly dark, dry room

The set has been collecting dust for the past year and a half (playability is rather low). Furthermore the ghosts' "feet" have lost almost all clutch power.... Meaning the set is about ready to fall apart in 36 pieces rather than the original 18 pieces.

Again, I know this has been a constant complain with many LEGO users, however I'm particularly upset since this set has sat on a table ever since I built it........ I can only imagine how upset I'd be if this happened to one of my trains/modulars.



  • LEGO_NabiiLEGO_Nabii Member Posts: 34
    Yes, this is unacceptable. Report this to LEGO consumer service either by phone or email - it helps LEGO to find patterns in quality issues and solve them. If you can find the element and cavity numbers deep in the underside of the bricks (normally a four or five figure number followed by a two figure number) it will allow the LEGO Quality team to find out if the mold is still in use and measure the cavity the parts came from to make sure it it correct. They should also send you replacement parts.
  • akunthitaakunthita Member Posts: 1,038
    I have had the same thing happen with brand new sets just out of the box. I always contact LEGO rigth away. I tell them about the broken parts and sometimes even send it to them so they can look at them. they awlasy send replacements.

    The most recent sets I had issues with were several of the light-gray parts in Alien Conquests, and before that also the light-gray parts in the Fantasy Era sets. Fantasy Era was particularly bad; with practically all light gray 1x bricks having cracks on them as soon as you assembled the set once.

    So yeah, giving LEGO feedback is really important...(c:
  • mathewmathew Member Posts: 2,099
    The little cheese slopes and headlight bricks are very prone to cracking.
  • capdaddycapdaddy Member Posts: 7
    I've had this occasionally. As stated above it seems to only happen in particular sets. The only positive thing is that LEGO are always grateful for the feedback and send replacement parts. So while not acceptable it's clearly something that annoys LEGO staff as much as collectors!
  • aaronptrckaaronptrck Member Posts: 15
    edited September 2012
    Not that anyone didn't believe me, however I took a picture of the ghost, It's a little hard to see since I'm using a iPod Touch to take the photo... and the white color doesn't help.

    Several of the cracks are visible, several are not. You can also see an odd gap between some of the bricks.image
  • dneuldneul Member Posts: 369
    I have a Baggie of cracked pieces I am collecting. When I have enough to mail in, I will request new ones.
  • Bosstone100Bosstone100 Member Posts: 1,431
    Hmmm... I've never seen such a thing. There has to be some explanation.
  • plasmodiumplasmodium Member Posts: 1,956
    The only time I've seen bricks as cracked as that are when they've spent their years in Africa, being well used by kids.
  • meyerc13meyerc13 Member Posts: 227
    I've got a bunch of cracked cheese slopes, some as recent as the current City Fire Department and one of the Friends sets. I also have some cracked white bricks on my City Camper (the one with lime green on it). For some reason, certain colors seem to be more prone to cracking (or at least cracks may be more easily spotted), white is the most common color discussed in these threads about cracked pieces.
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